Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith
CSMP booklet pg.8


Tell the children that Jesus Christ established His Church when He was living on the earth. Today we call that church the "Primitive Church." Explain that not long after Jesus died, His gospel was taken from the earth, and many years later He restored the gospel through Joseph Smith. Prepare four wordstrips, each with one of the following sentences:

  1. Joseph Smith read in the Bible, "If any of you _____  ____, let him ask of God." ( Joseph Smith—History 1:11)
  2. Joseph Smith went to the _____ to ____. ( Joseph Smith—History 1:14)
  3. Joseph saw a pillar of ____ over his head. ( Joseph Smith—History 1:16)
  4. Heavenly Father pointed to Jesus Christ and said, "This is My ____  ." ( Joseph Smith—History 1:17)

Divide the children into four groups, and give a wordstrip to each group. Invite them to read the scripture to find the missing words. Have them whisper the answer to one another instead of filling in the blanks on the paper. Have the children pass their wordstrip to another group, and repeat until each group has found all the answers.
(Answers: 1. lack wisdom; 2. woods, pray; 3. light; 4. Beloved Son)

Consider using the activities, visuals, and finger puppets from the nursery manual, Behold Your Little Ones, to help the children understand that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith (see pages 88–91).