I can live with Jesus Christ again
CSMP-booklet 2010 pg. 25

Before Primary begins, attach to the bottom of chairs some paper steppingstones with one of the following written on each stone:

Place a picture of the world at one end of the room and a picture of Jesus Christ at the other end of the room. Ask a child to try to jump from one picture to the other. Explain that there are steps we must take to live with Jesus and Heavenly Father again.

Have the children look to see if they have a steppingstone attached to the bottom of their chair. Invite those with stepping-stones to come to the front one at a time and tell how doing the action on their stone will bring them closer to Christ.

Place the stepping-stone on the floor between the two pictures. Continue until the stepping-stones make a path across the room. Invite a child to walk from the picture of the world to the picture of the Savior, touching only the stepping-stones.

Encourage the children to always do what is right so they can stay on the path to return to live with Jesus Christ again.

Have the children trace their feet on separate pieces of paper and write or draw on each tracing one step they could take to live with Jesus Christ again.
Have the pianist softly play “I Will Follow God’s Plan” (CS, 164–65) while they color.

Encourage the children to take their drawings home and share them with their families.