Jesus Christ’s example teaches me how to live
CSMP-booklet 2010 pg 15

On the board write two lists in random order

Divide the children into groups. Give each group a picture showing one of the scriptural events you have listed.
Tell each group to match their picture to both a scripture and a song from the board.

Have one group at a time show their picture, explain the example Jesus set, and lead the rest of the Primary in singing the song.
Consider using the following:

Testify that Jesus Christ is the only perfect example for us to follow. Encourage understanding (reading a scripture): Cut a heart out of a piece of paper and write on it Love one another. Place it in your scriptures at John 13:34.
Invite a child to look through your scriptures to find the heart. Explain that in this scripture Jesus teaches how He wants us to treat others.
Have the children find John 13:34 in their own scriptures, and read it together.

Consider giving each child a paper heart with the scripture on it to put in their own scriptures and inviting them to share this activity with their family.

Have the children form one or more circles. (If space is not available, have one row of children turn to face another row.) Give each group a string with the ends tied together, threaded through a button. While singing “Love One Another” (CS, 136), have the children slide the button along the string. Stop the music randomly and ask the child (or children) holding the button to share one way they could show love to others.

Conclude by inviting several children to share a time when others have shown love for them.