Jesus Christ is a God of miracles
CSMP-booklet 2010 pg. 16

Draw eight small lines on the board, one for each letter of the word miracles.
Ask the children to guess what the word is. Fill in the first letter and ask children to guess what the word is again. Fill in the second letter and ask them to guess what the word is. Repeat with each successive letter until they guess the word.

Tell the children that a miracle is an extraordinary event caused by the power of God.

Divide the children in groups. Give each group a set of the following wordstrips: miracles, show, that, Jesus Christ, has, power, over, the earth.
Have each group unscramble the words.

In your own words, share the stories of Jesus calming the storm (Mark 4:36–39) and filling the nets with fish (Luke 5:1–11).
Invite the children to do actions that go along with the stories (such as mimicking the wind and the waves of the water and pulling in empty and full nets).

With each story testify how it shows that Jesus Christ has power over the earth.
Have the children discuss how these miracles helped people in need.