My faith in Jesus Christ is strengthened when I obey
CSMP-booklet May pg.10 2010

Place a picture of Jesus Christ on the board.
Draw a staircase with four steps leading up to the picture. Say together the fourth article of faith, and invite the children to name the first principles and ordinances of the gospel as youwrite them on the appropriate steps.
Count on your fingers as you say each principle andordinance.
Consider ways to help the children memorize the fourth article of faith.

Sing “Faith” (CS, 96–97).

Make a wordstrip for each sentence in the second verse. Divide the children into four groups and give each group a wordstrip.
Have each group stand and sing their line at the appropriate place in the song.
Have the groups exchange wordstrips, and repeat until each group has sung each line.
Invite the children to act out ways they can obey. (This could be done in their groups or with the whole Primary.)

Share with the children an experience that has strengthened your faith in Jesus Christ.