My love for Jesus Christ grows when I study the scriptures
CSMP-booklet 2010 pg.

Tell the story of Christ healing and blessing the people in 3 Nephi 17:7, 9–12, 20–24, or invite older children to read it from the scriptures.

Have the children draw a picture depicting something from the story. Testify of how your love for Jesus Christ has grown as you have read the scriptures.

Sing “Seek the Lord Early” (CS, 108). Tell the children that they can learn more about Jesus Christ by reading or listening to the scriptures.
Then tell the story found in Mark 10:13–16 of Jesus blessing the children. Show a picture of Jesus blessing the little children.
Have the children imagine how they would have felt if they had been there.

Invite a few children to share their thoughts. Explain that they can feel close to the Savior by reading about Him in the scriptures.