The Holy Ghost speaks in a still, small voice
CSMP 2010 booklet pg. 12

In a quiet voice say, “Everyone who can hear my voice, put your finger on your nose. Everyone who can hear my voice, put your hand on your head.”
Continue, designating other parts of the body, until all the children are listening to your quiet voice. You could end by asking them to fold their arms.
Point out that even though you were speaking quietly, when the childrenlistened, they could hear your voice and obey your instructions.

Explain that the Holy Ghost speaks to us in a quiet or still, small voice.

Blindfold a child and lead him or her to a different place in the room. Tell the child, “If you trust me and listen to me, I will guide you back to your seat.” With a soft voice give the child directions to get safely back to his or her seat. Ask, “How is this like the way the Holy Ghost guides us?” Show how the Holy Ghost can be likened to the Liahona by sharing the story of Nephi’s broken bow (see 1 Nephi 16:18–32).

Consider using actions as demonstrated in other lessons in this outline (see March week 3, or Aug, week 4). Explain that just as the Liahona directed the people according to their faith and diligence, the Holy Ghost will direct us according to our righteousness when we listen for His voice.