When I am baptized I make a covenant with God
CSMP booklet 2010 pg. 11

To demonstrate what a promise is, invite two children to the front.

Have the first child say, “I promise to (lend you my book) if you will promise to (return it).”
Have the second child agree and link arms with the first child.

Explain that a covenant is a two-way promise between us and God. Write on one side of the board “God Promises” and on the
other side “We Promise.”

Explain that when we are baptized, we make promises to God and He makes promises to us.

Prepare in advance separate pieces of paper with the following promises and songs:

Take upon ust he name of Jesus Christ (“The Church of Jesus Christ” [CS, 77]);
Always remember Him (“To Think about Jesus” [CS, 71]);
Keep the commandments (“Keep the Commandments” [CS, 146–47]);
Have His Spirit to be with us (“The Holy Ghost”[CS, 105]);
Return to live with Him (“I Am a Child of God,” verse 3 [CS, 2–3]).

Put the pieces of paper into a container. Have a child draw out one paper and read the promise.
Ask the children, “Who is making the promise, God or us?” Write the promise on the board under the correct heading.

Have the children sing the song and pass the container until the song ends.
Have the child holding the container when the song ends draw out another paper.
Repeat with each of the songs.

Review the promises and testify of the importance of the baptismal covenant.