When I serve my neighbors, I serve God
CSMP-booklet 2010 pg. 23

Have a Primary leader come into the room acting overwhelmed and obviously in need of help.
For example, she might be dropping things, trying to carry too much, or calming a baby.
Have the children suggest ways they could use their “helping hands” to help her.

Remind the children that in the story of the good Samaritan, Jesus taught us to serve others. Show pictures of children who need help. Consider using pictures from the Primary manual picture packets. Invite children to share how they could help in these situations. Repeat the first half of Mosiah 2:17, and have the
children repeat the second half.

Have the children trace their hands on a piece of paper and write on their “helping hands” a way their family could serve their neighbors. Encourage them to do thisservice with their family sometime during the week.
Display the hands on a bulletin board or a wall where the children will be reminded of ways they can serve.

Ask a child to come to the front of the room and compare his or her hands with yours. Point out that his or her hands are much smaller than yours. Ask questions such as, My big hands can pick up toys. Can your little hands?”

Involve all of the children by having them compare their hands with their teacher’s hands. Point out that their hands can do many acts of service even though they are small. Sing “I Have Two Little Hands” (CS, 272). Invite the children to fold their hands in front of them while they sing. When they sing the word hands, have them lift both hands in the air and then quickly fold them again.