Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, all mankind may be saved
CSMP booklet pg. 4-5

Write the third article of faith on the board and invite the children to repeat it with you a few times. Briefly explain any words the children do not understand. (For example, the Atonement is what Jesus did to make it possible for us to repent and return to God.)
Erase one or two words and say it together again. Repeat to help the children memorize it.

Tell the following story and invite the children to stand and act it out with you.

Discuss how the man might have felt when he was in the hole and then when he was rescued. Tell the children that when we do wrong or sin, it is like falling into a deep hole that we cannot get out of by ourselves.
Show a picture of Jesus and tell the children that just as someone helped the man out of the hole, Jesus Christ can help and save us so that we can return to live with our Heavenly Father again.

Invite the children to read Alma 7:11–12 and look for what Jesus has done for us. Ask a few children to share what they found.
Tell the children that Jesus understands when we feel hurt, sad, afraid, or sick. He can help us overcome these things. Write the following statements on the board:

Invite a few children to share how they would finish these sentences, or have all of the children share their answers with the person sitting next to them.

Tell the children that there are many stories in the scriptures of people who were blessed because of the Atonement.

Share a few of these stories. Possible stories include:

After telling a story, review it with the children. Toss a crumpled piece of paper to one child and ask him or her to say one thing about the story. Have the child toss the paper back to you. Continue until the children have mentioned most of the important details from the story.

Share your testimony about the Atonement.