Jesus Christ restored the gospel through Joseph Smith
CSMP booklet pg. 9


Remind the children that not long after Jesus died, His gospel was taken from the earth and He later restored the gospel through Joseph Smith.
Explain that to restore means to put back together again.

Draw a simple picture of a church labeled as shown (see Ephesians 2:20; 4:11–13).
Explain that when Christ was on the earth He established His Church.
Cut the picture into pieces as you teach them about the Apostasy.
Have the children assemble (restore) the picture as they listen to the pianist play "On a Golden Springtime" (CS, 88). Sing the third verse together.

Invite some ward members to come to Primary and portray people who participated in the Restoration. Such as

They may want to wear simple costumes.
Divide the children into groups. Invite the visitors to announce who they are and have the children tell what they know about them.
Have the visitors share their testimonies of the people they are depicting.