Prophets are called by God
CSMP booklet pg. 6


Write each of the following words on separate strips of paper: Prophets, are, called, by, God.
Give the strips of paper to five children. Arrange the children in front of the Primary so the words are out of order. Invite other children to arrange the words in the correct order. Repeat the sentence together.

Prepare clues about how Moses, Lehi, and Joseph Smith were called by God.
For example, the clues about Moses could be:

Choose three children to represent these prophets, and invite them to give the clues to the Primary. Invite the children to raise their hand when they think they know who the prophet is. Have the children say the answer together. After they have identified each prophet, read a scripture about that prophet (Moses: Exodus 3:4–5; Lehi: 1 Nephi 1:5–6; Joseph Smith: Joseph Smith—History 1:16–17).
Point out that Moses was called by God, Lehi was called by God, and Joseph Smith was called by God.
Tell the children that all prophets are called by God.

Ask the children, "Who is our prophet today?" Show a picture of the current President of the Church. Explain that he was called by God.
Have the children discuss in class groups how they can follow the current prophet. Invite a child from each class to come to the front and act out one thing they discussed in their group. Invite the other children to guess what the action is.
Ask the child to share how following the prophet in this way will bless his or her life.