Temple work helps me and my family come unto Christ
CSMP-booklet 2010 pg. 21

Teach the second verse of “I Love to See the Temple” (CS, 95). Display a picture of a temple hidden behind eight pieces of paper.
On each piece of paper, write or draw one of the following:

Tell the children that these are clues to a song. Invite them to listen carefully as you sing one line of the song.
Ask them which clue goes with that line, and invite a child to remove that piece of paper.
Sing the line again with the children, and explain what it means. You may invite them to do an action related to the line.
Repeat with each line of the song. When you have uncovered the picture, sing the entire song with the actions.

Tell the children that they can prepare now to be worthy to go to the temple when they are older and that doing so will bring them closer to Jesus Christ.