Repentance brings forgiveness
CSMP-booklet 2011 pg. 12

Identify the doctrine (reading scriptures):
Invite the children to open their scriptures and read Doctrine and Covenants 58:42–43.
Ask them to identify what happens when we repent of our sins.
(If possible, invite the children to mark these verses in their scriptures.)
Briefl y tell the children about Enos (see Enos 1:1–4), and have a child read Enos 1:5–8.
Testify that the Atonement of Christ makes it possible for us to be forgiven of our sins.

Encourage understanding (role-playing):
Explain that people who have repented and have been forgiven of their sins have a desire to serve God. Divide the children into three groups, and give each group one of the following pictures and scripture references:

Explain that these stories tell about people who repented of their sins and served the Lord. Ask each group to
review the scriptures and prepare and present a role play showing how these people repented and then served the Lord (by teaching the gospel, serving a mission, and refusing to fi ght).