"To travel is to live"


Sis. Pia Koch welcomes 122 children and about 30 adults. Everyone is excited. What will we experience this day?
And we begin... The children sang so beautifully.  
A part of the opening exercise, was a visit by the famous Danish author
Hans Christian Andersen ~ born 1805.
(played by Br. Jørgen Holm Bendtsen, Århus)
H.C.Andersen told about his life: his extensive travel, fairytales and paper clippings.
Br. Jørgen Holm Bendtsen played a very lifelike H.C.Andersen H.C. Andersen asked which fairytales the children knew he had written.

The children knew many, and they were eager to share.










After a little time, we had to say good-bye to H.C.Andersen.