(by Marcia in NJ)

Here is my version of the Sing-Olympics.

I am going to divide the kids into three teams and have the following competitions:

  1. Song Concentration: I'm thinking of using graphics but cutting them up - each graphic that I use represent two lines of the song. They will have to match which line comes after.
  2. Torch Pass: Kids will hum song as they pass the torch and when the music stops the team holding the torch will have to sing the line.
  3. Song Puzzle: using graphics of the two songs we've learned so far ('Temple' and 'Families')and I'm going to put in a few graphics from other songs to throw them off! Each team will have (what sounds good ... 30 or 60 seconds?) to put them in order.
  4. Song Competition: Which team does better with everyone singing to "I Love To See The Temple". Judged on loudness, clarity, and presentation.

Each event is worth a max of 25 points and the leaders will be the judges on the last competition. I will have gold, silver, and bronze medals to give out at the end of primary along with some treat.

So now you guys help me out here ... does it sound alright to do or does someone have helpful adjustments that I can make?


Heidi Andersen suggested this for event #3:

I think it would be fun if you string up a line and have the kids put the song visuals in order with clothespins on the line. I like the idea of throwing them off with visuals that
don't go to the song.