"Let's Make a Deal"
(by Teresa Haslem)

I had made a list of questions that the children should answer.
When a child had answered a question, then he/she had to pick a prize from door 1, 2, or 3 (I had tacked them to the chalkboard and the presidency stood behind it to hand out the prizes).

The prizes were a lot of gags like a band aid, sunglasses, candle, newspaper, candy, etc.
The questions were great because they reviewed the basic gospel principles as well as introduced next year's theme.
That helped us to know what the kids understand about the temple and what ideas we need to focus extra attention on.

I used questions like:

Half way through the questions I said. Let's make a deal. I promise that if you will always choose door number three, you will always get a good prize.
At that point our PP gave out candy only from door 3.
It was interesting to see what door the kids would choose after being told which door contained the good prize.

At the end, I told the kids that Heavenly Father makes promises or covenants with us.
It is up to us to keep our side of the covenant. If we don't get the blessings it is not Heavenly Father's fault, it is ours for not making the right choice.

The primary kids really enjoyed this sharing time.