"Follow the Prophet Indoor Olympics"

At each of 8 stations, the children were briefly told an interesting story, or facts about the prophet for that station and were told that if they could remember these facts, they would receive a prize at the end. Then the "events" were briefly explained and then the children were divided by color (i.e. kids with blue dots on their shirt went to a blue station first, and so on) There were two blue stations, two red, two green, two yellow. (buy these sticky dots at a stationary store) Each station posted these colors and the station title as well. Each child was given a pencil and score card (just a 8 1/2"x11"sheet of paper) with 8 categories:

Joseph Smith Standing Broad Grin
Smile your broadest smile and measure with a ruler or tape measure and record.

Brigham Young Foot Race to the West
Put toe of one foot against heel of the other and measure and record.

Missionary World Wide Stretch
Arms outstretched and measure from tip to tip of middle fingers and record

Wilford Woodruff Shot Put Your Names in for Genealogy
Toss 5 beanbags to a target on the floor and record best combined score. The target is made with blue masking tape on the cultural hall floor. Tape four squares inside of each other, each one getting larger. 100 points for center, then 50, 25, 10.

John Taylor Stop the Bullet Discus Throw
Cut a "doughnut" shape out of the center of a large Styrofoam plate-make about 10 in case they get bent and won't fly well. Mark off, with blue masking tape on the cultural hall floor, five foot increments up to 25'. Let each child throw twice and take the best score. For exact distance, bring a tape measure and measure from nearest marked off distance.

Lorenzo Snow Javelin Throw Yourself Into the Lord's Work
Insert a small stirring straw into a regular drinking straw, aim, and blow. The small straw will shoot out of the larger straw. Mark off increments of 2' on floor with blue masking tape. For sanitary reasons each child will have his own straws. Measure and record.

Joseph F. Smith 220 Yard Dash for Family Home Evening
5' of adding machine tape (paper) is held out in front of a child and they are given a pair of small scissors to cut, lengthwise, the strip into two. A stopwatch or second hand will record this time. Add this score to the scorecard.

Gordon B. Hinckley 100 Yard Dash to Build More Temples
Guide a Ping-Pong ball from point "A" to point "B" with a feather duster on the floor through a course marked out with blue masking tape. The course should be fairly straight with the exception of a few gentle curves and can go the length of the cultural hall. A start and finish line should be clearly marked and a stopwatch used to record the time. Add this to the scorecard.


Allow about an hour for this (about 8 minutes for each station). Ring a loud bell or blow a whistle when it is time to rotate. To conclude, gather children together for the "awards" and treats. It was fun to see who had the best score in each category, but an actual award was given to those who could answer questions about the prophets. (we gave out a small candy bar but it could be a certificate of recognition, (or whatever) to those who
could answer these questions) Every child received an Olympic metal (made by stapling ribbon to a cardboard circle that was covered with gold metallic paper and a little Xeroxed insignia that said "Follow the Prophet 2001 Olympics Winner" as they lined up for treats. Our treat was a "Power bar" (Rice Krispie Treat, and Capri Suns in the little individual "bags".)

Note: We learned that the first 3 stations go really fast, so put them in between the other slower stations, also double up and have two adults at a station to do two kids at a time to speed up the slower stations.

Materials: 1" roll blue masking tape, tape measures, Ping-Pong balls (2),
bean bags (5 or 10), color coding dots, adding machine tape, pencils,
Xeroxed score sheets, whistle or bell, straws (2 sizes), Styrofoam plate
Frisbees (about 10), station signs (8), feather duster(s), stop watches (2)
or regular watch with second hand, treats, Olympic metals.