(by Pia Koch)


Prepare ahead of time:


Let a child open the 1st suitcase/bag.


  • when we go on a trip/vacation, we prepare our self. We find the things we might need. We make sure we know where our ticket are, or we make sure we have gas on the car.
  • Let another child open the 2nd suitcase.


  • There is another far more important journey we must prepare ourselves for. What journey do you think I’m thinking of? 
  • The journey I’m thinking of, is the journey back to our Father in Heaven.

    Read John 3:5
  • How do we prepare ourselves to get back to him? (be baptized)
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Sing: When I’m baptized


  • Can you mention 5 reasons that explains why we are being baptized?
    1. forgiveness for our sins
    2. Be members of the Church of Jesus Christ
    3. Show obedience (it is a commandment to be baptized)
    4. To be able to enter the Celestial Kingdom
    5. Receive the Holy Ghost

    Sing: The Holy Ghost (this song will be song again later)


    Let a child come forward ~ make a tomb print on a piece of paper. Be thorough. Make sure the unique lines in the tomb can be seen.

    Sing: I have a Family tree
  • Every one of us have one thing in common, what is that? (we are Gods children)
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Sing: verse of ”I’m a child of God”



    1.According to a favorite Primary Song, Jesus wants us to be

    a) moonbeams

    b) sunbeams

    c) stars

    d) planets

    Answer: B

    Sing: "I am like a star shinning brightly


    2. According to the song, “I Am A Child of God“, whose children are we?

    a) Bishops

    b) Primary president

    c) Gods

    d) Prophets

    Answer: D

    Sing: I Am A Child of God


    3. Which of the following is NOT found in the song “The Church of Jesus Christ“?

    a) I know that Jesus Christ loves me

    b) I’ll honor His name

    c) I’ll follow His light

    d) I believe in the Savior, Jesus Christ

    Answer: A

    Sing: The Church of Jesus Christ


    4. According to the song “I Will Be Valiant“ whose teachings do we need to follow?

    a) Noah

    b) John the Baptist

    c) Jesus

    d) Moroni

    Answer: C

    Sing: I Will Be Valiant


    5. What is right from the song ”I’ll seek the Lord early”:

    a) I’ll search the scriptures and listen

    b) I’ll search the scriptures and say ...

    c) I’ll search the scriptures and find him there

    d) I’ll search the scriptures and pray

    Answer: C

    SING: I’ll seek the Lord early


    6. According to the teachings of the Church, we all lived somewhere else before we came here. Where did we live?

    a) in the Promised Land

    b) in Europe

    c) in Jerusalem

    d) in Heaven

    Answer: D

    Sing: I Lived in Heaven


    7. According to the song ”Baptism” what is it, that we all shall be:

    a) be baptized and show up in Primary each week

    b) be baptized and show up in church each week

    c) be baptized and study the gospel

    d) be baptized and show obedience

    Answer: D

    Sing: Baptism


    8. Who can baptize?

    a) all, both men and women

    b) all men who is 20 years old

    c) all men being call by God

    d) all men wearing white clothes

    Answer: C

    READ D&C 20:73


    9. Name the first 3 keys we need to go back and live with our Father in Heaven, in order:

    a) Prayer, Honesty, Faith

    b) Faith, Repentance, Baptism

    c) Baptism, Temple Marriage, Repentance

    d) Faith, Prayer, Baptism

    Answer: B

    READ: 4th Article of Faith


    11. What is right (from The Holy Ghost):

    a) The Holy Spirit whispers

    b) The Holy Spirit sings

    c) The Holy Spirit talks out loud

    d) The Holy Spirit prickly you on your shoulder


    Sing: The Holy Ghost