(by Pia Koch) 

Prepare ahead of time:

  1. 1st footprints : believing Christ
  2. 2nd footprints : repent
  3. 3rd footprints : be baptized
  4. 4th. footprints : enter the Kingdom of God
Let the children sample the jigsaw ~ on the blackboard.


In the same way as all the pieces in the puzzle belongs to the all the jigsaw ~ all of us belong in here (in Primary)

"BELONG TO” or ”MEMBER OF” means to be a part of.

Can you tell me, where else you belong/are a member?

We belong to The Church of Jesus Christ.

SING: I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ


Let a child come forward. Place the child SO FAR away from the 4th footprints (enter the Kingdom of God) that it is not possible to reach in one steep.

Point at the footprint. Ask the child to take ONE steep ~ and reach it....


In order to come back to live with our Father in Heaven, vi must take many small steeps.

Lay out the other 3 footprints. Now ask the child to walk on them demonstrate the ”small steeps” we most take in order to come back to Heavenly Father.

Let some other children read what is written on the footprints.

What did the 3rd. footprint say?

Sing: 1st verse of ”I like my birthdays”


What makes a windmill turn? (the wind)

What would happened if there were no wind?


The wind is a powerful force.

Can you tell me what the wind can do?

Sing: a song about the wind

To day we shall talk about another power as equal strong as the wind.

Does any one know what power I’m thinking of? (priesthood power)

Why do we need the priesthood? (It is the power/authority to act on behalf of Our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ).

Sing: 2. Verse of "Baptism"

What does it mean to act on behalf of Our Father in Heaven/Jesus Christ? (to do as they would have done)

What do we use the Priesthood to? (lead towards baptism)

Sing: 2. verse of ”I like my birthdays”


Show the paper birthday cake


I have some candles, and on them are some statements. Not all is true. I need your help to find those who are true. The true ones we will put on the cake. (make only 8 with right statements)


Sing: all 3 verses of ”I like my birthdays”


If there is time left, give it to the song leader for some songs she would like to sing with the children. If you do not have a song leader, let the children choose some songs about baptism and then sing them.