Happy Birthday Primary ~ Worldwide!

Prepare ahead of time:


Aurelia Spencer Rogers: (Among other things she can tell: It was a August day in 1878. A total of 224 children was gathered in a rock chapel in Farmington, Utah. They were gathered there to attend the first Primary. They were to be taught “everything good and how to behave.”)

SING: Teach me to walk in the light

Every Sunday more than 825,000 children (1985 numbers) all over the world gathered and attend Primary.

What do you learn in Primary? Yes, that’s right. We all are God’s children.

SING: I am a child of God.

Primary is growing in numbers, and many more children are learn the gospel from the time they are born.

Now because there are so many members, Church leaders have divided the world into geographical areas to better serve the needs of its members. In each geographical area there are a presidency that serve the members in their area.

How many of you is not born in the US? Where do you come from? Do you have ancestors from another country?


Look at the costumed children. Can you place them to the area/country that they seems to represent. It is exciting to belong to a growing organization with members all over the world!

Sing: Children all over the world


Show the letters from the ward you have contacted. Tell a little about the area. Read the letters. Now let the children write letters back.