Do you know our Prophets?
(by sanpinney)

First of all, I am making a big huge chart. On the bottom left corner of the chart I drew some trees and wrote in big letters "Sacred Grove." Then, in the upper right corner I drew a sun with a big cloud and wrote the words "Celestial Kingdom" in the cloud. Then I drew a windy path leading from the sacred grove to the Celestial kingdom. Along the path I put pictures of the 15 latter-day prophets and wrote their name underneath. I then covered them with squares and sticky tack (so they could be removed easily) that were numbered from 1 to 15.

I brought a big box full of items that represent each prophet and something they stood for. The children took turns pulling something out of the box and I told them what it meant (I had them guess the more obvious ones) and then we sang a song to emphasize it.
Our chorister then taught the "Latter-day Prophets" song with the remainder of the time.
Using all 15 prophets makes it a little long, especially with SR primary because they like to gab about everything.

As each child drew an item out of the box, we talked about what it represents, then the child tried to choose which number that prophet belongs (only had SR primary try to guess the number of the prophet) and then we sang a song. We only sang one verse to each song for timesake.
Joseph Smith  GAK #403  translated the Book  "The Golden Plates," p.86 
Brigham Young bonnet led the pioneers to the Salt Lake Valley 
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Sang as They Walked," p.214 
John Taylor  GAK  taught that Heavenly Father loves all people everywhere "God is Watching Over All," p.229 or "Children All Over the World," p.16 
Wilford Woodruff    encouraged youth to learn the gospel early in their lives  "Seek the Lord Early," p.108 or "We'll Bring the World His Truth," 
Lorenzo Snow  tithing 
Taught tithing  "I'm Glad to Pay a Tithing," p.150
Joseph F. Smith family home evening manual first instituted "family night" for church members  "Families Can Be together Forever," p.188
Heber J. Grant 10 commandments movie urged members to keep the commandments of God  "Keep the 
Commandments," p.146 
George Albert Smith paper dolls holding hands developed a creed for his life to be a friend to the 
friendless and not be an enemy to any living soul 
"Jesus Said Love 
David O. McKay  missionary nametag Encouraged missionary work when he said, "Every member a 
"I Hope They Call Me on a Mission," p.169
Joseph Fielding Smith  GAK #608  taught that the Lord loves us and wants us to receive 
the full blessings of the gospel 
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Harold B. Lee  framed copy of the Proclamation to the Family told the Saints to teach their children and protect them from the temptations of the world  "Teach Me to Walk in the Light," p.177 
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Gordon B. Hinckley  picture of a temple Had dedicated more temples than any other General Authority  "I Love to See the Temple," p.95