Easter Program
(adapted from  an idea in the FHE manual lesson 36)

Sing "He sendt his son"

Read John 3:16.

Even though Heavenly Father knew Jesus would be cruelly treated, sent him to earth.
Jesus loves us, so much that he wanted to come.
They both want us to go back and live with them again.
Can you remember who sang, with joy, when Jesus was born? Yes, the angels.

Sing "Silent Night" (Hymns, no. 204).

Read Matthew 19:13-14.

Jesus preached the gospel, healed the sick, and blessed the children.
He loved everyone, and many of the people loved Jesus, too.
He lived a life of service and provided us with a perfect example to follow.
He never thought of himself, he lived his life giving to others

Sing "Love One Another"

Read Luke 22:44.

Jesus knew that the time had come for him to suffer for our sins ~ and die for us.
He gathered his Apostles around him for the Passover feast.
He taught them about the sacrament. He told them it was importent to pertake in it.
That it would be the way they could remember him, when hw was no longer with them.
He also said something very important to them, it is written in John 13:34.
Read John 13:34.

Sing "The Sacrement"

Read John 19:17-18.

On Friday, after a long night of illegal trials, Jesus was sentenced to death.
He was beaten and laughed at and spit upon.
Then he was hung on a cross, with nails piercing his hands and feet, and left to die.
He forgave those who were putting him to death.

Sing "There Is a Green Hill" (Hymns, no. 194). or "Help me, dear Farther"

Read Matt. 27:57-60.

Jesus was buried in a borrowed tomb on Friday evening, for Saturday was the
Sabbath and burying people on that day was not allowed.
Some women wanted to put special ointments on Jesus' body to prepare it for burial, but they didn't have time, so they planned to come back as soon as the Sabbath was over to finish preparing his body.
The Sabbath was a long, sad day. Jesus was dead, and his followers could only wait and weep and think about him.
But they had FAITH in Jesus. They remembered the words he spoke to them.

Sing "To Think about Jesus" (Children's Songbook, p. 71). or "Faith"

Read Luke 24:1-9.

When Mary Magdalene came out to the grave, the great rock was rolled away, and an angel declared that Jesus had risen.
Mary Magdalene was the first to see Jesus. She went and told his Apostles.
Despite their faith, they had a hard time believing her. But soon he appeared to them to.
Read Luke 24:36-39
At last they believed, though they were filled with wonder and joy.
Jesus had risen from the dead and was with them again.
All of this happend many years ago. But it did not end there: Still he lives, and still he loves us
He has again set up his Church on the earth so that we can have the blessings of the gospel.
And that is the miracle of Easter.
Jesus the Christ has triumphed over sin and death. He lives.

Sing "I belong to the church of Jesus Christ"

Give the songleader the rest of the time to sing other Easter songs.....