Easter Symbols

We have bunnies and lambs to remind us that Jesus was the pure sacrifice.

We paint the eggs to show we remember Jesus. Many years ago they painted them red to remind us of His blood. The eggs also remind us of a new birth.

We paint the eggs to show we remember Jesus. Many years ago they painted them red to remind us of His blood, that Jesus died on the cross for us, so we too can live again.

We wear our new shoes so we think of the Last Supper and the washing of the feet.

We wear Easter hats to keep our heads covered and be humble as we think of Him.

The lily was the first flower to bloom after Jesus' death -- showing new life.

Reminds us when Jesus went into the Garden of Gethsemane to pray on his knees to Heavenly father. While in the garden he learned that he should have to endure great suffering for the sins of very man. He knew that this sacrifice had to happen to make it possible for each of us to be forgiven for our sins so we can return to live with him again.

Rocks: (easter rock candy):
Remind us that when Jesus died he was layed in a tomb and a big rock was placed in front of the tomb. After three days and angel moved the rock and it was empty inside Jesus; had risen.

Remind us that we each can make a new start and are forgiven when we repent.

The wood the baskets are made of remind us of the wood cross that Jesus died on for all of us. The roman soldiers nailed his hands, wrists and feet to the cross, and raised him to hand on the cross. Jesus had compassion on the soldiers and said, "Father forgive them; for they know not what they do."

Reminds us of the tears shed by those who loved Jesus and watched him die on the cross.

Chocolate or candy:
Reminds us of Jesus' sweet and pure love for us. He knew that each one of us would make mistakes and through his sacrifice and crucifiction we can repent and be forgiven for our sins. That is the greatest example of love.

Purple fabric:
Purple reminds us of the robe Jesus wore. When he was taken by the soldiers they draped a Purple robe around him and then beat him and spit upon him and placed a crown of thorns on his head. People laughed and mocked at him saying Hail King of the Jews. They took off the purple robe and lead him away to be crucified.

Easter Feast:
Reminds us of the last supper or the Feast of the Passover. Jesus took bread and blessed it, and breaks it, and gave some to each of his apostles. He said take it and eat, Behold, this is for you to do in remembrance of my body, He took a cup and gave them all a drink and he said this is in remembrance of my blood which is shed for many. The sacrament is a reminder that Jesus died for us so that we can be forgiven of our sins and return to live with heavenly Father.

The sun:
Rises every day, we can depend on that just like when Jesus had risen from the dead. His body and spirit came back together. We can trust that we too can be resurrected like Jesus.