Everything I ever needed to know, I learned in Primary
(extract from a talk given by Nona Crowe)

Everything I ever needed to know, I learned in Primary:

I am a Child of God, Love One Another, Be Happy, Kindness Begins With Me, Choose the Right Way, Keep the Commandments, Seek the Lord Early, Search,
Ponder and Pray, Dare to Do Right, Hum Your Favorite Hymn, Stand for the Right, Be Valiant, The Priesthood is Restored, I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ, Jesus Loved the Little Children, My Heavenly Father Loves Me, I know my Father lives, Reverence is Love, I'm Thankful to be Me, I am like a Star, Every Star is Different, Families can be Together Forever, and Where Love is There God is Also. (Adapted from the Children's Songbook)

Brothers and Sisters, many members have the misconception that Primary is a babysitting service so that parents can attend Relief Society, Priesthood, and Sunday school. Not only do I disagree with this, but might I suggest that just the opposite is true. Relief Society and Priesthood are adult services set up so that our children can attend Primary and learn the things that Heavenly Father needs them to know.

Being a teacher is not always easy. There are lessons to prepare, and a commitment to be here each Sunday to present these lessons. At times the children are irreverent and even disrespectful. At these times I look to the great examples of others for guidance. One in particular is Sister Melissa Georgell. She had a major problem with reverence and felt like a failure as a Primary Leader. Inspiration from the Spirit came to her after
much fasting and prayer. She decided to go to the class instigator, little Tommy, not in a judgmental or punishing way, but in a loving and Christ like way. She told Tommy she needed his help. She asked him if he could help set an example to the other children by being her reverence leader. Eagerly he accepted the challenge-not realizing that he had been the root of her problems. A reverent classroom was achieved. Where would Tommy be today if this were handled any other way? I am grateful for the love that was shown to Tommy by his teacher, Sister Georgell, for today little Tommy serves as the 1st Councilor to the Prophet Gordon B. Hinkley--Thomas S. Monson. (Adapted from "Inspiring Stories that Build Faith")

Elder Boyd K. Packer emphasized this responsibility further by saying: "...If we are to teach, we must constantly remind ourselves that we are dealing with the sons and daughters of God and that each, being His offspring, has the possibility of becoming as He is." (Teacher, No Greater Call)

I understand that as a Primary Leader I have an awesome responsibility. The importance of teacher has been beautifully described by Daniel Webster when he said, "If we work upon marble, it will perish; if we work upon brass, time will efface it; but if we work upon immortal minds, if we imbue them with principles and the just fear of God, and love of our fellowman, we engrave upon those tablets something that will brighten through all eternity." (Oct. 1999 General Conference{Oaks})