Family Home Evening in a jar
(by Conny Hillgaard)

I am a child of Good D&C 130:18-19 
Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Notes p.353 (see below)
Education: Do I need an education?
Can a little child like me? (Children's Songbook 9) Mosiah 2:17 Matthew 25:40  Why do we as family spend time helping other people? 
Come, follow me? John 21: 16,17 What does Feed my sheep mean? What can our family do?
Follow the prophet (Children's Songbook 110) John 10: 26,27 How does our family follow the shepherd?
I lived in Heaven (Children's Songbook 4) D&C 138:56 Where did we live before we were born?
Prayer is the Soul ‘s Sincere Desire Alma 37:36-37 How do prayer works? How many kind of prayers do we have? (make a list)
Home can be a heaven on earth Mosiah 4:13-15 Ephesians 6:1-4 What kind of rules must we have in our home, in order to make it a happy place for all of us?
Thank Thee for everything (Children's Songbook 10) Genesis 1:31 Psalm 147:7-8 Make a list of things your family are grateful for. Also, maybe make a list of things that are not pleasant, but in fact are hidden blessings
I am thankful to be me D&C 18:10 Luke 12:7 Psalm 92:1-2 We are all God’s children. We have been given talents. Make a list of talents in your family.
Reverence (Children's Songbook 27)  Leviticus 19:30 D&C 19:23  How can our family be more reverent in church, at home and towards each other? 
“Keep the Commandments” p.303 Mosiah 2:22, D&C 59:23 List the commandments and discuss importance of following them. 
#148 - Sabbath Day Exodus 20:8-11 What do we do on a Sunday that makes us “different” than others?