We can forgive one another
(by Wendy, Las Vegas)


Sing "I will be Valiant" CS 162

I will Briefly recounts story of the people of Ammon, the stripling warriors.. focusing on how their parents kept their covenant.

  • "What are some ways we can help each other keep our baptismal covenants?"
  • Pass out three (Lamanite) spears with suggestions on them (CTR, Serve others, Good example) saying: this is another way to forgive one another.


    "Chief Blue of the Catawba Indian nation" FHE Resource book pg. 186 (Special guest portrays Chief as he tells his story).

    Song: Music leader teaches first verse of "Help Me Dear Father" CS pg. 99

    "The Locket" Friend August 1996 page 42

    Tells the story up to when Ashley and Sara meet in church.

    Song: Music leader teaches 2nd verse to "Help Me Dear Father"

    Continue with story up to when Ashley's mother talks to her. Ask "What should Ashley do?"

    Music Leader "We know the answer, don't we children?

    Let's sing Help Me Dear Father." (sing both verses)

    Scripture Story: The unmerciful Servant (Matthew 18:21-35)

    Let children take different parts. Give each child in Primary a pebble to put in his or her shoe and have them all stand while telling the story.

    Discuss the feelings of the Lord of the servant; the unmerciful servant and the fellow servant. Ask questions: How do we feel when we need to be forgiven?

    How do we feel when we are forgiven? Talk about how the Savior forgave those who hurt him and how we should follow his example.

    Sing: I'm Trying to be like Jesus CS pg. 78

    Conclusion and Testimony....bear testimony and gives bags of pebbles to the children with the scripture reference and note attached and invites the children to share the story of the unmerciful servant with their families at FHE this week Invite the children to throw away a pebble from their bag each time they forgive someone during the week.