The Holy Ghost
(by Whitney Larson)

I am wrapping six boxes.

I am putting them under a couple of small Christmas trees in front of the room.

Each of the six boxes (Carnation hot chocolate boxes) has a piece of paper with a story, scripture or song written on it.

I will talk to the children about how at this time of year (Christmas) they get many gifts. I will then talk a little bit about the Godhead and the gifts Heavenly Father & Jesus give us. Then I will tell them that today we are talking about the gifts the Holy Ghost gives us.

I will choose a to come up and unwrap a gift.

In the box will be a story, song or scripture corresponding with one of the six gifts of the Holy Ghost

  1. the gift of comfort
  2. the gift of warning
  3. the gift of testimony
  4. the gift of protection
  5. the gift of prompting to do good
  6. the gift of choosing right over wrong
We will then do whatever the paper says, I will tell them a story, read them a scripture or we will all sing the song.
  1. comforted - Trying to be Like Jesus (Sep. 1997)
  2. warned - "Stop!" (Feb. 1998)
  3. testified - Friend to Friend (Apr. 1997)
  4. guarded - "Danger on the Snake River" (May 1995)
  5. prompted to do good - "Josh's Bear" (May 1998)
  6. helped to choose the right - Making Friends (Mar 1998)