(These are some of the women mentioned in the scriptures)
(These are some of the women mentioned in the scriptures)

Eve The mother of all living (Gen. 1,2,3,4) 
Sarah Wife of Abram. Has son Isaac in her old age. (Gen. 11:29) 
Hagar Bondwoman of Abram. Mother of Ishmael. (Gen. 16:1) 
Rebekah Wife of Isaac. Mother of Jacob and Esau. (Gen. 22-29) 
Keturah Second wife of Abraham. Mother of 6 sons. (Gen. 25:1-4; 1 Chron. 
Leah Oldest daughter of Laban (Rebekah's brother) First wife of Jacob, by deception. Mother of sons Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, and daughter Dinah. (Gen. 29) 
Dinah Daughter og Jacob & Leah
Eilhah After Leah dies Jacob married Rachel's handmaiden, given to Jacob to bear the children that Rachel could not. Mother of Dan and Naphtali. (Gen. 29:29) 
Zilpah Leah's maid, also given to Jacob to bear children. Mother of Gad and 
Potiphar's Wife Tries in vain to seduce Joseph. (Gen. 39:8-19) Tries in vain to seduce Joseph. (Gen. 39:8-19) 
Shiphrah and Puah:  Midwives of the Pharaoh. Instructed to kill male babies of Hebrew women, but they didn't. (Ex. 1:15-21) 
Jachebed Mother of Moses, Miriam and Aaron. (Ex. 2:1-11) 
Pharaoh's daughter Saved Moses from the river. (Ex. 2:5-10) 
Miriam Known as the prophetess. Sister to Moses. When Moses married an Ethiopian woman she questioned his leadership, drawing Aaron away from the Lord 
Zipporah Wife of Moses: mother of 2 sons - Gershom and Eliezar. (Ex. 2:21-22)
Ethiopian Woman Another wife of Moses. (Num. 12:1) their father died, they went before Moses to ask for their father's lands, because there were no sons to take the inheritance. Moses amended the law so daughters could receive an inheritance in such instances. (Num. 26:33) 
Deborah Wife of Lapidoth and a mother. Led Israel's military, judicial, and religious institutions, saving the nation. (Judg. 4:4-14; 5:1-31)
Jael Wife of Heber, the Kenite. She killed Sisera with a tent peg hammered 

Naomi Widow of Elimelech. Her 2 sons marry Moabites and then both sons die. She tells her daughters-in-law to return to their own lands. Ruth refuses to.
Ruth Continuously loyal to her husband's country, his people, his mother and his God. Ruth gleaned in the fields for herself and Naomi. Marries Boaz, her second husband, kinsman of Naomi. She gave her first son, Obed, to Naomi to care for. Through this lineage the Savior is later born. (Ruth) 
Orpah Orpah: Also a Moabite daughter-in-law to Naomi. Returns to her own country 
Hannah Wife of Elkanan, childless. who turns to Heavenly Father for the service of the Lord and never cut his hair as a sign of this covenant. Her son is Samuel, "asked of the Lord," whom she gives up to Eli, the high 
Ahinoam One of many wives of David. (l Sam. 25:43) 
Abigail One of many wives of David. Mother of Daniel. (1 Sam. 25:3-42) 
Bathsheba  David sends Uriah to the battle front where he is killed. He then takes Bathsheba as a wife. Her second son is Solomon. She also has 3 other sons. As David is dying she asks him to declare Solomon king. David's downfall was the result of his illicit relationship with Bathsheba. (2 Sam. 11; 2:24) 
Maacah One of David's wives. Mother of Absalom. (2 Sam. 3:4-5; 1 Chr. 3:2)
Haggith David's 6th wife, mother of Adonijah. (2 Sam. 3-4) 
David's Concubines (2 Sam. 15:16; 16:20-22; 20:3) 
Esther Taken to Ahasuerus by her uncle Mordecai, a Jew, in the hope that she could be the next queen after Vashti. Haman, second in command, recommends killing all Jews because he hated Mordecai. Esther reveals her identity as a Jew end the order is rescinded and Haman is hanged. (Esth.) 
Vashti Queen. Married to king Ahasuerus before Esther
Jezebel Worshipped the goddess Ashtoreth and strongly advocated idolatry. She was also a Phoenician princess and wife of the king of Israel. 
Athaliah Daughter of Jezebel, wife of Jehoram. Athaliah, as her mother had done, promoted idol worship. Had all heirs to the throne put to death, including her own grandsons except one, Joash, who had been hidden. She rules 6 years and then is killed by the sword. (2 Kgs. 8:26; 11:1-20) 
Delilah A Philistine harlot. Offered silver to learn the source of Samson's strength

Mary Mother of Jesus. Married to Joseph. Entrusted to John at Christ's 
Elisabeth Mary's cousin, wife of Zacharias. Angel Gabriel tells her she John the Baptist. (Lk. 1:5-80; 7:28) 
Anna An aged widow who continually served Sod in the temple. Testified that the son of Mary and Joseph was the Christ. (Lk. 2:36-38) 
Mary Magdalene Healed by Jesus of 'seven devils.' She was at the cross when he was crucified. She was the first to see the risen Christ. (Mt. 27:56-61; 
Peter's Wife Jesus sometimes stayed in her home in Capernaum. He healed her mother of a fever. (Mt. 8:14-15) 
Magdalene at the tomb. (Lk. 8:3; 24:10) 
Herodias Herodias: Granddaughter of Herod the great. John the Baptist spoke out against her for her incestuous second marriage. She has her daughter dance before Herod, who promises her anything. Under her mother's direction, she asks for the head of John the Baptist. (Mt. 14:3-12) 
Mary The mother of Syrophenician Women: Healed by Jesus. (Mt. 15:21-28) 
Woman with the Twelve Year Issue of Blood Mt. 9:20-22
Wife of Pilate Because of a dream, she spoke out for Jesus on the day of his Crucifixion
Weeping Women at the Crucifixion: Lk. 23:28
Mary and Martha: Sisters who lived in Bethany. Their brother was Lazarus whom Jesus raised from the dead. Known for the story where Martha prepared the meat while Mary listened to Jesus. Both wore loyal supporters of Jesus and his ministry. (Mk. 14:3-9; Lk. 10:38-42; Jn. 11; 12:1-9) 
Women Healed on the Sabbath:  Lk. 13:11-16
Adulterous Women Jn. 8:3-11
Woman at the Well Jn. 4:7-43
Lydia Converted herself and then her entire household. Supported and helped the apostles. (Acts 16:14-40) 
Roman Women Romans 16:6-15; 2 Tim. 4:21; Philemon 1:2
Phebe A servant of the Church. Carried a letter for Paul, (Romans 16:1-2)
DrusiIla and Bernice Sisters; daughters of Herod Agrippa who persecuted the ....
Pricilla Taught the Gospel with her husband Aquila. Converted Apollos.
Sapphira Married to Ananias. They said they gave all they had to the Church, but they lied and both were struck dead. (Acts 5:1-11)
Dorcas Shared all she had with the needy. Peter returned her to life after Eunice and Lois: Mother and grandmother to Timothy. (2 Tim. 1:5-7)

Of 9 or more women who left Jerusalem with Lehi only Sariah is mentioned by Sariah: Mother of Nephi and wife of Lehi. She only murmured against Lehi
Nephi's Wife One of Ishmael's daughters. Twice she convinces Nephi's brothers to free him after they have threatened his Iife. (1 Ne. 7:19-21)
Zoram's Wife The oldest daughter of lshmael. (1 Ne. 7:6; 18:9; 2 Ne. 4:10)
The 24 Kidnapped Daughters of the Lamanites Mosiah 20; 21:20; 23:30-34
The Women and Children of Zeniff's Followers Mosiah 11:2,4,14; 19:9-24
The Women and Children of Alma's People In the Land of Helem These are included in the 450 people who flee from King Noah. (Mosiah 18:34; 23:28
Wife of King Lamon Believed Ammon who told her there has not been such great faith among all the Nephites. She spoke in tongues. (Alma.....)
Abish A Lamante servant in King Lamoni's court. She had been converted for years because of a vision of her father. She was responsible for the conversion of many people by recognizing the spirit of the Lord and telling them. (Alma 19:16-29)
Lamonl's Father's Queen Converted by a miracle after Aaron preached the gospel to them. (Alma 21:21; 22:19-24; 23:3)
The Mothers of the Stripllng Warriors The 2,000 sons of these mothers had not entered into the covenant never to fight again, and so went into battle with Helaman. Their mothers had taught them that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them. None of them died in battle, though they suffered many wounds. Sixty more sons joined them making 2,060 in total. (Alma 24,27,...)
Isabel Harlot in the land of Siren. (Alma 39:3-4,11)
The Servant of Morianton Because of a beating she received from Morianton, this maidservant fled to the camp of Moroni and told him of the plans of
Mary, the Mother of Jesus Mentioned by King Benjamin, Alma and King Lamoni
The daughter of Jared and other Jaredite Women (Listed in Genealogies): Mentioned very briefly. (Ether 6:15-16,20; 7:2,4,12,14,26; 8:1,4;
Daughter of Jared Helped bring about the fall of the Jaredites by suggesting to her father that he use the powers of Satan. (Ether 8:8-17; 9:4-7)
Coriantum's Wives: (Ether 9:24-25)
Coriantumr's Daughters: (Ether 13:17;15:2,15,23)

Vienna Jaques Vienna was a single woman who had saved $1400. She was instructed to give her money to the Church and move to Missouri. Joseph Smith credited her with great service to himself and the Church. 
Eve Joseph Smith saw "our glorious Mother Eve, with..." (DC 138:39)
Widows Section 83 is about widows and orphans under the United Order. (DC 83)
Lucy Mack Smith Mother of Joseph Smith. (DC 122:6, JS-H 1:4,7,20)
Sophronia, Katherine, and Lucy Joseph Smith's sisters. (DC 122:6, JS-H 2:4,7)

Milcah Married to Abraham's brother, Nehor. (Abraham 2:2)
Cain's Wife She was a full accomplice with her husband, She was the daughter of one of Cain's brothers and she loved Satan more than God. She was the mother of many daughters. Three generations of granddaughters are descendent of Cain. He bragged about killing his great-grandfather. His wives rebelled against him and told what he had said. (Moses 5:44-47.52-53)
Noah's Wife and Noah's Sons' Wives he only members of Noah's family to be saved on the ark. (Moses 8:12)
Noah's Wicked Granddaughters Descendants of Cain married Noah's granddaughters. Noah tried to preach to them, without success. The
granddaughters even consented to their husbands trying to kill Noah. (Moses 
Egyptus Daughter of Ham. Descendants preserved the curse of Cain. (Abr. 1:8-12)
Three Daughters of Onitah Righteous, royal princesses directly descended from Ham. They were killed in sacrifice because they would not bow down and 
Lot's Wife & daughtersv As Lot and his family were fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah, his wife looked back....
Lot's Daughters: Thinking they were the last people left alive, lie with him and both become pregnant. The eldest bore Moab, and the other bore Ben-ammi. (JST-Gen. 19:9-15)