Our Bishop’s responsibilities
(by Karen)

Senior Primary - Children role play Bishop's responsibilities (taught the kids and amused the Bishop). I gave each skit to a group of 2-3 kids with 5 minutes to practice before the Bishop came in.

Props needed:

Our Bishop has a lot of responsibilities in his calling. Today we're going to show you some of the things he does. We are grateful for everything he does for us.

1. Tithing
Person: [gives tithing envelope to Bishop] "There you are, Bishop".
Bishop:"Thank you very much. You know that the Lord only requires 10% from us even though he gives us everything. You will be blessed.
Person: "Thank you, Bishop. Goodbye."

2. Extending a calling
Bishop: "Sister Smith, I would like to extend a calling from the Lord to you."
Girl: "Of course. What is it?"
Bishop: "We would like you to serve as a primary teacher."
Girl: "Thank you, Bishop, I would love to do that!"

3. Giving a blessing to the sick
Bishop: [pretending to come inside someone's house]
Mother: "I'm so glad you are here, Bishop. Johnny is so sick."
Bishop: I'm glad you called me. If your husband will join me, we can give Johnny a special blessing from the Lord so that he can get better.
Mother: "They are in the other room. Thank you so much, Bishop." [pretend to walk into another room]

4. Conducting Sacrament Meeting
Bishop: [pretend to be standing at the microphone] "Brothers and Sisters, welcome to Sacrament meeting. I am happy to see all of you here today. We're going to begin with a song followed by the opening prayer."

5. Interview for Baptism [sitting down in chairs]
Bishop: I understand that you have just turned 8 years old. That means you will be baptized soon."
Child: "Yes, I'm very excited"
Bishop: "That is wonderful. I wanted to talk to you to make sure you understand why we need to be baptized..."

6. Interview for a 12 year old boy to receive the Priesthood. [sitting down in chairs]
Bishop: "We have talked about the priesthood before. Do you remember what it is?
Boy: "Yes. It is the power of God."
Bishop: "That's right. What else can you tell me about the priesthood?"
Boy: "Um...."
Bishop: "That's okay. Let's talk about it some more...."

7. Shaking hands before church [shake hands]
Bishop: "Good morning! How are you today?"
Person: "Fine, how are you?"
Bishop: "I'm great! I'm so glad you are here today."


We also thought up two hilarious skits that tease the Bishop over his
inability to cook and obsession with golf. We're saving these for a ward
activity. :)

The Bishop was very pleased with both of our presentations.