A Nativity Play 
(by Wendy Haber, Gates, Oregon)
Dedicated to President Gordon B. Hinckley who inspired this work.
Based on the book by Charles Dickens, The Life of Our Lord Revision 8

(I have not been able to trace an e-mail adress of this wonderful sister, if anyone know, please let me know, so I can ask for her permission to bring this wonderful play. Thanks Conny H.)

Cast of Characters in order of appearance:
Narrator 1
Angel announcing Hymns
Inn Keeper
Baby Jesus
Shepherd 1
Shepherd 2
Angel 1
Wise Man 1
Narrator 2
King Herod
Wise Man 2
Wise Man 3
Man Moving Star Above Manger
Angel 2
Narrator 3

Narrator 1:
Jesus Christ was born, a long time ago-nearly two thousand years ago-at a place called Bethlehem. No one ever lived who was so good, so kind, so gentle, and so sorry for all the people who did wrong, or were sick.

(Enter Mary and Joseph. Mary pregnant with child.)

Joseph: Mary, we must leave Nazareth. I have business and must travel to Bethlehem.

Narrator: Bethlehem was very full of people, also brought there by business.

Mary: Joseph, do you think we will find room at the Inn. I am getting so tired and need to rest.

Angel announcing hymns: Everyone please sing hymn #208, "O Little Town of Bethlehem"

(Enter Inn Keeper)

Joseph: Is there any room at your Inn for us to sleep for the night?

Inn Keeper: There is no room at my Inn and there is no room at any Inn in this whole area. Our city has lots of people here on business. There is a stable at the end of the city. You will find room there for the night.

Joseph: Thank you.

Joseph (turns to Mary): I'm sorry, Mary that we will have to stay the night in a stable.

Mary: I understand Joseph. You did your best. We will be safe in the stable. The Lord will watch over us.

(Mary and Joseph walk into a stable. They kneel down to pray.)

Joseph (prays with Mary): Heavenly Father we are grateful for a place to stay. Keep us safe and watch over us. Amen.

(Mary goes behind a screen and puts her pillow [stomach] in the manger for baby Jesus.)

(Enter baby Jesus behind screen in manger. Screen moves away.)

Mary and Joseph kneel by the manger [or car seat] and look at baby Jesus.)

Angel announcing hymns: Everyone please sing hymn #213, "The First Noel"

Narrator 1: There was no cradle or anything of that kind there, so Mary laid her pretty little boy in what is called the manger, which is the place the horses eat out of. And there He fell asleep. While He was asleep, some shepherds who were watching sheep in the fields, saw an Angel from God, all light and beautiful, come moving over the grass towards them.

(Enter 2 Shepherds.)

Shepherd 1: Look up in the sky. (Points to the sky.)

Shepherd 2: Do you see the bright light? What is that? (Both shepherds act afraid.)

Shepherd 1: It is an Angel from God! (Both shepherds hid their faces.)

Angel 1: There is a child born today in the city of Bethlehem near here, who will grow up to be so good that He will grow up to be known as the Son of God. He will teach men to love one another, and not to quarrel and hurt one another. His name will be Jesus Christ. People will put that name in their prayers because they will know God loves it.

Shepherd 1: What do you want us to do?

Angel 1: Go to that stable, and look at that little child in the manger.

(Shepherds go to the manger and kneel down by the manger.)

Shepherds 1 & 2: (together) God bless this child!

Narrator 2: Now the great place of all that country was Jerusalem and at Jerusalem the King lived, whose name was King Herod. Some wise men came one day, from a country a long way off in the East.

(Enter 3 Wise Men and King Herod.)

Wise Man 1: We have seen a star in the sky, which teaches us to know that a child is born in Bethlehem, who will live to be a man whom all people will

(King Herod scowls.)

Narrator 2: King Herod was jealous, for he was a wicked man. He pretended not to be.

King Herod: Whereabouts is this child? (Herod pretends to be nice.)

Wise Man 2: The star will show us. The star has been moving on before us all the way here and is now standing still in the sky.

King Herod: Will the star show you where the child lives?

Wise Man 3: We don't know.

King Herod: I order you to come back to me, if you find the child.

(Exit Wise Men)

(Man holding large star on stick moves it. The star moves until it is directly over the manger.)

Angel announcing hymns: Everyone please sing hymn #202, "Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful"

(Wise Men go near manger and give Jesus gifts. Each Wise Man puts a gift near the manger, then leaves.)

Narrator 2: The Wise Men do not go back to King Herod for they believe that King Herod was jealous. They went back to their own country.

(An Angel comes close to Joseph and Mary.)

Angel 2: Take Jesus into a country called Egypt or Herod will kill Him.

Narrator 3: Joseph and Mary take baby Jesus and escape into the night.

(Joseph and Mary leave.)

King Herod: I am angry that the Wise Men did not come and tell me where Jesus is. I will kill all the newborn babies in the country.

Narrator 3: The soldiers killed all the children under the age of 2 that they could find. Jesus was not among the children who died. Jesus lived in Egypt with his mother and father until bad King Herod died. The story of Jesus just begins here. There is much more in the New Testament of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. The message that Jesus came to teach was that Heaven was made for the poor as well as for the rich, and that God makes no difference between those who wear good clothes and those who go barefoot and in rags.

Shepherd 2: The most miserable, the most ugly; deformed, wretched creatures that live, will be bright Angels in Heaven if they are good here on earth.

Shepherd 1: Never be unkind to any poor man, woman, or child.

Shepherd 2: If they are bad, think that they would have been better if they had had kind friends, and good homes, and had been better taught. So, always try to make them better by kind persuading words; and always try to teach them and relieve them if you can. And when people speak ill of the poor and miserable, think how Jesus Christ went among them and taught them, and thought them worth of His care. And always pity them yourselves and think as well of them as you can.

Angel announcing hymns: Everyone please sing hymn #201, "Joy to the World"