(by Matt Wilhelm)

My husband brought home a cute little thing that they gave out at work for the employees and I revised it a little so that we could hand it out for Teacher Appreciation. I just typed up a copy of it, put the stuff in a bag and taped it on the front and gave one to each of the primary workers. It ended up costing only about 50 to 75 cents a piece to make.

A balloon: to pop when you feel like blowing up (a balloon, not blown up)
A cotton ball: to remind us to find the softness in the toughest situations
A Three Musketeers: to remind us to work as a team in making sure every child feels welcome (a miniature three musketeers bar)
A paper clip: to hold it all together when everything seems to be falling apart
A Jolly Rancher: to remind you to be happy in all you do
A candle: to help you to light up your lessons through the warmth of the Spirit (I just used birthday cake candles)
A 100,000 Dollar bar: your time is worth this and more (a miniature one)
A piece of gum: to "chews" to do all you can to help activate the children in your class who aren't coming
Lifesavers: to remind you of what you really are.
A bag: to help you keep it all together
And finally, just a little "Thank You": to let you know how much you are appreciated (For this one I typed up a little slip of paper that said THANK YOU and put it in here)