Prophet Activity day
(by Pat Deru)

Noah & the Arc:
We told the story of Noah with flannel board and then played an animal match game with pictures of animals on a big board.

David & Goliath:
we had a life size Goliath on paper pinned to the wall and we covered it with balloons and let the kids throw darts at the balloons. (We couldn't come up with sling shots.)

Our Bishop dressed up as Captain Moroni, complete with a sword (from a costume store) and he talked to the kids about Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty. Then they made their own Title of Liberty. We glued a piece of cloth to a dowel and then they wrote on it with a marker "I will follow the Prophet" and then they put their hand in some washable paint and then put their hand print on the flag.

Joseph Smith:
We talked about Joseph Smith and how he liked to play with children and how strong he was. And then we did the stick pull game with the kids. (trying to get the other person to have to stand up while tug o' warring with a stick in the middle.)

Cara Lee :o)

David O McKay:
We told stories from when he was little and his dad went on a mission. From "Boys Who Became Prophets" And then about his mission and how missionary work was important to them. Then the kids did a dress up relay with "missionary clothes" then run down and get their companion and then their companion got dressed and so on until the whole team had a chance to dress in missionary clothes.

We had someone dress up as Nephi and brought his bow. He talked about the Gold Plates and the testimonies of the Prophets that are found there. We found gold poster paper at WalMart and cut it into 1/2 sheet size paper. We gave them an alphabet with codes for each letter and the had to write a message to their family in code on the gold plate.