Book of Mormon quarterly activity 
(from the internet)

Prepare ahead of time:


Let a member come dressed up like Ammon and King Lamoni.

Let them tell the story about how Ammon came to live in King Lamoni kingdom. How he defended King Lamoni sheep, and later how King Lamoni was converted.

At the part where they tell about how Ammon fought with all the thieves, let the children fight with the balloons......


Let a member come dressed like Moroni, and tell about Moroni and the Title of Liberty.

Then cut the T-shirts and let the children make their own Title of Liberty. When they write on the flag they can use fabric pens. Fasten the flag to a stick (maybe with a stapler).

(They can write things such as a motto, or things they like, things the ....) wrote things that were important to them and things that they appreciate because they live in a free country)



Make banana splits...Make them look like a boat.