Book of MORMON Quarterly activity
(adapted after an idea by Gina Prisbrey )

Introduce Mormon (maybe you can get a member to come dressed up like Mormon)

”Mormon” tells the children about the Book of Mormon came to be ~ and up until the time about Joseph Smith (Maybe you can bring in a ”Book of Moron” in size and weight as the original one was).

All children get their own Book of Mormon (or bring the one they have : IF THEY MAY COLOR IN IT)

Lehi tells:

Puppet theater about Lehis journey into the dessert. Afterwards the children will go through a obstacle race: they will get a cup of water and try to fill a buckets at the end ~ without giving up. Lehi was 40 years in the Dessert, don’t you think he wanted to give up some of the time? But he didn’t. He trusted in the Lord.

Let the children draw a camel in their Book of Mormon 1. Nephi kap.2

SING: 3rd verse of Nephis courage


Brass Plate Treasure Hunt.

Storyteller: Tells how Nephi got hold of the Brass plates. We will ”hide” the Brass plates somewhere in the room. Verbally the storyteller will give clues as to where the plates are hidden. When they find the plates, there will be a treasure beside it (something they can eat ~ or bring home!!!!)

Let the children draw a sword in their Book of Mormons chapter 4

SING: 1st verse of Nephis courage


Lehi's dream about the Tree of Life.

The storyteller will tell about ”Lehi's dream about the Tree of Life”.

Then the children will be taken into a dark room. They shall in there walk from one end of the room until the other. IF they have trouble, we will turn on the light and tell them: “to hold onto the iron rod“. (a large rope). And then we will turn the light of again. At the end of the journey, is a silk tree with baggies of the gummy fruits and the
fruit shaped "Nerds", with a scripture about partaking of the fruit attached to it. Everyone get to get one.
Let the children draw a fruit/tree in their Book of Mormons chapter 8

SING: My light is but a little one


Nephi breaks his bow.

The storyteller will tell about the time when Nephi broke is bow.

Then the children will try to shoot with a toy bow and arrow.
Let the children draw a bow/arrow in their Book of Mormons chapter 16

SING: Keep the commandments