President Hinckley's quarterly activity
(by Lora Dawn in Boise, ID)

Pick theme statements for each of your stations, such as:

President Hinckley builds things.

(With good adult supervision) Set up a thick length of wood, have nails started and let the children have their turns at pounding in a nail. There could be a measuring, cutting, sawing, painting, or gluing experience.

President Hinckley loves plants and trees.

Do some kind of garden experience--- planting flowers, weeding a spot on the church grounds, trimming an edge of grass.

President Hinckley teaches the gospel.

Have the children take turns giving "talks." Set up a microphone and pictures of familiar gospel subjects. Let the children volunteer to pick a picture and give tiny talks. Instruct them to tell what the picture is and tell how that helps teach the gospel. They could be encouraged to be as simple as "This is Joseph Smith praying in the grove. He saw Heavenly Father and Jesus." Or "This is a brother carrying his little brother. That shows love."

President Hinckley loves good music.

Use some of the terrific ideas we have on our list: rhythm instruments with singing or pass out unsharpened pencils as leading sticks and help them lead familiar songs or make up new verses for What do You Do in the Summer time? (how about What do you do for a Birthday time, when everything is fun?) Or maybe this is a good time to play Spin the Teacher - - - -because if your Sunday Primary is as large and crowded as mine, we don't have room then.

President Hinckley loves to share time with his family.

Set up a family "story time" setting in a corner - - -lots of spread out blankets, pillows. Invite the children to snuggle into a quiet spot and read them some good stories from past Friend magazines. (maybe a good time to pass out a small candy sucker to help mouths be quiet as you read.)