(Ideas from the Internet)

We had a Daddy-Daughter Party where we played games:

After these games we had spooky dinner. Each person was given a menu with the following items to choose from. (They only had the monster name, so they did not know exactly what they would be getting. )

They whey wrote their choices on a pre-printed paper asking for 3 courses of 4 items. They were served one course at a time. After this, we served a real spaghetti dinner with garlic bread and salad.

Menu Items:



Bring a favorite stuffed animal which and wrap in gauze bandages to make a mummy.


Each girl brings enough candy to share with the others. The girls sit in a circle and take turns being the one in the center to pass out the candy to the others.


Put things to smell and feel in bowls. Blind fold the girls and play creepy sounds in the background. Tell them they are going to a monster lab and walk them around a bit to disorient them. Put on a rubber glove and pass the bowls around for them to smell and touch the various "body parts." We used parmesan cheese (mouse breath), burned wood (bat's wings), cooked spaghetti (intestines), dried apricots (mummy ears), cooked hot dogs (fingers), peeled grapes (eyes), cooked oatmeal (brains), and a balloon filled with warm water (heart). Tell them about each part as you pass it around.


Divide the children into teams with one person being "it." The other kids get rolls of toilet paper to wrap "it" like a mummy. You can make this game a race by setting a time limit. After the time was up, we voted on who wrapped the fastest, who covered most area of the body, and best use of toilet paper.


Make origami birds and cut the wings to look like bats. We attached black yarn with glue so they could be swung around or hung. (Just make sure the glue is dried before you try swinging them around. We paper-clipped the body shut until the glue dried.)


Make a letter puzzle with one-word answers for each letter of the alphabet. Clues and words all have Halloween theme, example -

A is for _____(apples) that hang on string,

W is for _____ (witches) that fly on a broom,

X is hard to find a word so we just put "X marks the spot for our party."


Use black permanent markers to draw jack-o-lantern faces on oranges.