Treasure hunt
(by Ann)

Have each children bring a complete set of scriptures to this activity.

The clues will be scripture references. (The children will look the scripture up for a hint to the location of where their next clue will be. For example, the scripture could refer to a spacious building, a tree, water, etc. Also write a question on how that 'topic' pertains to faith. The children can briefly discuss this before looking for the next clue.)
  To get you started with your clues, here are some examples of scripture references that you could use:

1 Nephi 8:10 -- by a tree
Genesis 16:7 -- by a water fountain
Psalms 136:25 -- in the kitchen
Psalms 33:2 -- by the organ (hint: isn't an organ louder than the piano?)
D & C 85:1 - clerk's office
1 Timothy 3:1 - Bishop's office
Exodus 33:14 -- "rest"room
1 Samuel 16:16 -- gym (hint: "play well" -- where in the church do we play?)