Treasure hunt 
(by Debbie G.)

Here is a treasure hunt that I made up and did with the girls. At each place they got the next clue and a piece of a puzzle.

I had printed up the scripture about not laying treasures on earth, but in heaven. I cut the paper with the scripture up and put different pieces at each place.

In the end they needed to put the puzzle together to finish.

I baked cookies in the kitchen while the girls hunted.

When they were done, they got fresh baked cookies and milk while we talked.

Debbie G.

D & C 107:88 (this president is to be a bishop, Bishop's office)
1 Nephi 17:12 (food become sweet, that ye cook it not, Kitchen)
D & C 82:13 (for a stake to Zion, Stake offices)
2 Nephi 15:10 (Shall yield one bath, bathroom)
D & C 46:5 (of your sacrament meetings, Chapel)
D & C 44:6 (visit the poor & administer to their relief, Relief Society room)
D & C 68:28 (teach their children to pray and walk uprightly, Primary room)
Mosiah 18:16 (he did baptize every one, Baptismal room)
Helaman 3:15 (there are many books and records of every kind, Library)
2 Nephi 13:4 (babes shall rule over them, Nursery)
D & C 27:2 (when ye partake of the sacrament, Sacrament table)
D & C 110:2 (breastwork of the pulpit, Pulpit)
Alma 46:12 (rent his coat, fastened it on a pole, Flag Pole)