Let's be (build) a missionary!

Scatter these props throughout the room:
white shirt (representing ~ purity, keeping our bodies clean)
pants (representing ~ pray always)
socks & shoes ~ (representing service)
tie ~ (representing keeping the commandments, obedience)
suit jacket ~ (representing  The Holy Ghost)
name tag ~ (representing a testimony)
scriptures ~(representing of READING the scriptures)
haircut ~ (representing blessings being promised to us)


SING: I hope they call me on a mission

Let a brother come up to the front ~ preferably a stake missionary (but any brother can do!!!) (He is wearing a T-shirt and very modest shorts. NOT LOOKING LIKE A MISSIONARY!)

You sure don't look like a missionary! Let us help you look more like a missionary physically, and maybe we can discover ways to live worthily along the way. When I think of a missionary, I definitely think "white shirt". Does anyone in here see a white shirt that we can use?

(The brother now dress in the white shirt)

There is a scripture in the pocket of the white shirt. Maybe someone can read it fore us?

READ D&C 38:40-42

So this white shirt is a symbol of purity, of keeping our bodies clean.
SING - The Lord Gave Me a Temple

Now you need to cover your knees. Does anyone see a spare pair of pants our missionary here can use?
There is a scripture in the pocket of the pants, who will read it for us?
READ Psalms 55:17
Missionaries pray a lot! So what does that mean we, too, have to do?.... (pray)
So these pants is a symbol of prayer
SING: I Pray in Faith

We need to find some socks & shoes for our missionary. Any one got any idea where to find some?
I wonder: how many pairs of shoes does a missionary wear out while on a mission?
There is a scripture in the socks.... who will read for us?
READ 3 Nephi 12:41

So these socks and shoes is a symbol of service
SING - Go the Second Mile p. 167

What else can we add? Yes, a cool tie! Could someone please find a tie?
There is a scripture on the back of the tie.... who will read for us?
READ Proverbs 6:20-21

So this tie is a symbol of obedience and keeping the commandments
SING - Nephi's Courage p. 120

Are you ready to go on a mission now?
The brother: Actually, for some reason I feel, I don't know, insecure or something. I feel like I need something more around me. If I had a suit jacket, that would bring me a lot of comfort. As missionaries, we had to wear our jackets almost all of the time.

In the jacket sleeve there is a scripture.
READ John 14:26 So this suit jacket is a symbol of The Holy Ghost
SING - The Still Small Voice p.106

Well, kids? What do you think? Does he look like a missionary? EXACTLY like a missionary? What is missing? A name tag???? Anyone see one????
On back of Name Tag is a scripture.
READ D&C 115:4-5 & 76:22
So this name is a symbol of a testimony
Okay, we know that full-time missionaries wear this tag.

(Find a STORY from Friend) SING - The Church of Jesus Christ p.77
Now you look like a fine missionary, but your hands are empty. What are missing? Yes, the scriptures. READ 2 Timothy 3:15 So the scriptures is a symbol of READING the scriptures
SING - "Search, Ponder and Pray" p.109

Has he done everything he needs to go on a mission?
SONGLEADER: for some reason there are a pair of scissors over here... and they even have some scriptures attached for us to look up...
READ 1st Corinthians 11:14 & D&C 84:80
So a haircut is a symbol of blessings being promised to us
SING: Keep the commandments