Singing Hospital
((adapted by an idea from the Primary page web site, by Lisa English)

Prep Work:
Make large words to hang on wall: Song Hospital, Waiting Room, Check-in, Therapy, Admitting, Check-out

Make patient pictures and charts:
I made used picture to symbolize each song (Patient). (I used our CSMP songs, but you could choose any.) I put the title of the song at the bottom. I then put each one in a plastic sheet protector and hooked yarn to the back (top left and right) with tape, so that it could be hung/worn. I made a folder (Medical Chart) for each one. I taped the sides so that it made a pocket.

Get Picture of Doctor & Nurse and/or picture of hospital.

Make Doctor Head Bands: I used construction paper strips and Kerr jar canning lid covered with Aluminium Foil and making tape to attach it. I used paper clips to hold the back together, so that the size could be adjusted.

Get Lab coats/Stethoscopes/Medical Equipment: (Optional but fun) If you have access to lab coats they are easier to take on and off then scrubs but either will do. I used toy stethoscopes around their necks. ( I used two coats and four stethoscopes--you could make due with just one of each. I displayed other toy medical tools with a toy doctor case, also a bottle of cotton balls, tongue depressors, and colour mini marshmallows. I also had a clip board with paper and pen.

Get Coloured Dot Stickers

Before Primary or right at the beginning:
Post large words spaced around room for each area (i.e.: waiting room should be by where the children are waiting, Song Hospital in front, and others spaced as desired.
Post Hospital and/or doctor & nurse pictures above/below the song hospital words

Post File Folders (Charts) Use thumbtacks to hang file folders under Song Hospital Words and then put the pictures in with the blank side facing out and string/yarn at the bottom.
I started out by telling them that we were going to the song hospital today ( I wore a lab coat over my dress). I was the Head nurse (or you could be a doctor). I told them that some of them would get the chance to be my jr. doctor assistants. But I also needed some senior doctors to advise us and I picked three of the leaders (teachers or presidency)--each got to wear a head band and stethoscope. I told them that each of them were also potential patients, because they were all sitting in the waiting room.

I picked two helpers and further explained that one would be the doctor (put on their lab coat, head band, and stethoscope) and that one would be the patient. And to help us review or program songs, the patient would get to be one of our CSMP songs. I told them that the doctors use charts for all their patients and asked that helper to pick one of the charts. I instructed them to put the picture from the chart around their neck and we walked them over to the check-in area. The doctor, I explained, was going to give this patient (song) a check-up and it was all up to them as to what happened to the patient. If they sang the song well--then the patient could go right to the check-out. But if the song still needed work-- then the patient would have to go to song therapy (and we would have to sing the song again). If that didn't work, well then the patient would have to be admitted to the hospital for further examination and more singing.

I gave the doctor a clipboard with paper and pen. And told him/her that good doctors listen to their patients and take notes. They stood in front next to the patient while we sang.

Before we started singing the first song I put a few dots on the patient and said doctor, look this patient has a very contagious disease it is called "singing sickness". I think that everyone in the hospital might come down with it! I told them that if they sang they would be sure to get it too. And the more they sang the sicker they would get. (Of course they loved that) I gave each teacher a few sheets of stickers to infect their class as needed. (Even the doctors and senior doctors got the singing sickness.)

After each song the doctor decided what to do with the patient, send him to song therapy, admit him right away if only if REALLY BAD or third time singing, or go straight to check-out (where they would post the picture). If they were unsure, or if their decision didn't seem fair we asked one of the senior doctors for a second opinion.

It was great fun!! We got through most all of the songs since they gave me the whole sharing time to do it. Everyone really seemed to enjoy it and they ALL participated, even the sunbeams! I decided to add the singing sickness (found on one of my email lists) so that everyone would feel they were participating even if they didn't get a chance to be the doctor or the patient. It worked. Anyway, sorry this is such a long explanation, but it worked so well I thought you might like to use it or share it with your counterparts.