The Towel
(With grateful acknowledgment to the unknown individual who gave rise to the idea.)

At First glance, one looks at a hand towel and thinks, “Great, a towel, I need a new one. The old ones are sure getting worn out."

Have we ever stopped to think that for years, even thousands of years, the towel has not only been used to dry hands and face, but for many other purposes.

Take example, the mother who wipes the tears of a little child to soothe the physical and emotional hurt; the women in her home wiping her hands as she moves from task to task; the weary traveler wipes his swatted brow.

Remember the quiet night in a humble stable many years ago. Mary, filled with wonder, lovingly wrapped Baby Jesus in swaddling clothes.

Perhaps the most significant use of the towel was about two thousand years ago when our loving brother took an ordinary towel in His hands and dried the feet of His disciples only hours before His crucifixion.

Yes, the towel is a handy item with a multitude of uses, but it also has deep symbolic meaning when seen in the hands of the Savior doing work of kindness for his fellow men.

Please take this towel, knowing it is given with love., and do works of goodness with it, as the Savior worked goodness with His, so many years ago.