(With grateful acknowledgment to the unknown individual who gave rise to the idea.)

Over the years, the towel has been used in a myriad of ways:

Woman: as she bakes and cleans, keeps a towel close at hand. As a young mother, she cradles her newborn infant close to her heart, safe in the warmth of its folds. Then, as the young child grows, the towel becomes a cool compress for fevered brow, it is used to clean the wounds and dry the tears that are an integral part of living and growing.

The farmer: toiling in the heat of the day, the athlete upon completion of a grueling run, both pause in the midst of their labor to wipe a sweated brow.

The soldier: on the battlefield, having given all the strength and sinew within his noble soul, kneels tenderly beside his fallen comrades, dressing the wounds and stanching the flow of precious life blood with a common ordinary towel.

Amidst all these uses, and countless more, one stands out above the rest - poignant and powerful. The symbolism found therein being, at once, both simple and profound: Over two thousand years ago, a sinless man, with a common ordinary towel girt about His loins, knelt in deep humility before His disciples to cleanse their feet and souls.

May you take this Christmas Towel, and in that same spirit of service and loving sacrifice, assist in the work of lifting and blessing your fellowmen - brothers and sisters to Him who gave His majestic life on a lonely hill, and then, in three days, rose again with healing in His wings -having broken the bands of death and hell forever.