(compiled from different sources)

Inside the kit are these things, with a note attached saying:
Jewel You are a jewel for being a Primary teacher, we value you! 
Rubber band Give a pull when you need to stretch your imagination. 
Piece of String  If things fall apart, this will help you tie them back together.
Aspirin Working with kids is not always easy...Be Prepared!
Paper Clip You'll need this to keep all your wonderful ideas together.
Match  When things look grey, strike it to brighten your day.
Kleenex  Use this when the children make you so happy you could cry.
Penny  Keep it handy when you need some extra "Common Sense."
Band-Aid  To heal any and all wounds between you and your class.
Piece of Candy  Use it for a quick source of renewed energy.
Nut Now you are officially one of us!
Twisty  Use this to tie everything together...your enthusiasm, love, and understanding.
Small snickers  To laugh at your mistakes.
Hershey's kiss  To know that someone loves and appreciates you.
Marble  To show when people say you have lost all your marbles.