A new year is comming ~
and there is a lot of things to prepare. 
Maybe this is some of them

A new year is comming, and there is a lot of things to prepare. Maybe this is some of them:

Teachers binders

In the beginning of each year (maybe at the teacher Improvement meeting!!!), you can give each teacher a ring binder with the following:

  1. A personal letter from the Presidency
  2. A poem about the importance of being a teacher
  3. A class list of the children attending + their addresses and birthdays
  4. Information to the teacher of the 7 year old: A list of children who will be baptized in 2001
  5. Make sure that the teacher teaching the 11 year old has a copy of the Priesthood lesson.
  6. Plan for which room they shall be in
  7. Date of class presentation
  8. Duties and tasks you expect the teacher to handle him/herself.
  9. Copy of CSMP
  10. List of new songs in the CSMP: encourage the teachers to sing the songs when appropriate
  11. Which goals your Presidency has set for Primary
  12. Year's Primary calendar (includes QA, AD Awards, Pack Meetings, Blue and Gold, pinewood Derby, day camps, Appreciation dinner, Baptism and Priesthood Previews, Sac Meeting Program)
  13. Calendar over meetings you expect the teacher to attend: (Teacher Improvement/ Ward Primary Leadership, AD planning meetings, Orientations to cubs and AD, etc.)
  14. Manual
  15. Pictures to the manual
  16. Phone list of possible subs
  17. Opening/closing exercises schedule
  18. sharing time schedule: time when it is, talks, scriptures and such + activities where you would like the teacher to participate more then usual ( maybe the teacher has a talent you would like him/her to share)
  19. List of Primary workers
  20. By the end of the year gather the ring binders. Update them (remove manual and CSMP and put those for the next year new in) give it then back to the teacher/new teacher.

Each classroom can also have a box that is kept in the primary closet, it can contains these things:


Other than that: