"Meet Your Teacher Breakfast" 
(about 1 hour)

"Meet Your Teacher Breakfast" (about 1 hour)

1st suggestion:

We set up a table for each class.

The teachers brought something for their class to play or color.

We also had the teachers fill out spotlight sheets for the kids in their class and themselves.

It was fun talking to the kids and finding out what they want to be when they grow up or what their favorite book is.

Then we had a breakfast of pancakes with syrup, orange and apple wedges, and OJ or milk to drink.

(This idea came from: Lynne in Newark, CA.)


2nd suggestion:

We set up a table for each class. The kids had breakfast with their "new" 2001 teacher.

We had scanned in pictures of each child and each teacher.

Then we played a match game with the pictures. While each class was eating the teachers had a questionnaire to fill out on each of the kids.

(This idea came from: ???)


3rd suggestion:

You might play primary bingo using blank cards. You give them sheets with words about primary ...(like: CTR, Nursery, Teacher) and let them put the words in the blank spots. Then you draw words from a cut up list ...

(This idea came from: Katie Bass)


4th suggestion:

A friend shared this with me: They had a "Meet Your Teacher Breakfast". They decorated tables, one for each class and served a breakfast of ham, hash-browns, eggs, and muffins. The teachers and children enjoyed this chance to get to know each other in a recreational setting. They also gave each child a scripture reading reminder to take home.

(This idea came from: Ann Murrey)