Teacher Appreciation Ideas
(by Lynne Christensen)

Heart ~ "You're the "heart" of Primary.
Plant ~ "The kindness you show makes the children's testimonies grow and grow!
Crayons ~ "You color our primary with love."
Nuts ~ "We're nuts about you!"
small rubber ball ~ "It's a "ball" having you in Primary!"
Broom ~ "You're "Dust" the finest teacher we know!
Matches ~ "No one Matches you as a teacher!"
Light Bulb  ~ "You really brighten up our Primary!"
Bubble Bath ~ "You make our Primary "Bubble" over with fun!!
Pencil and Notepad  ~ "You're a "noteworthy" teacher!"
Angel  ~ "We think you're just heavenly!"
Flower  ~ "If teachers were flowers, we'd pick you!
Flower  ~ "You make our Primary bloom all year round!"
Candle  ~ "You light up our primary!"
Calendar  ~ "We're thankful for you the whole year through!"
Fireworks  ~ sparkler "You make primary sparkle!"
Seasoning Mix  ~ "You season our Primary with love"
Eggbeater  ~ "You make primary "Eggstra" special!!"
Sugar packet ~ "You fill primary with sweetness!"