What is a witness?
(by Erika Strong)

Sing: Hymn #22.

The 2nd counselor and I did a little "skit," based on Chris Rawlins' idea about having a judge in a courtroom. I had various supplies on a table (including M 'n' Ms), and I said that I had to get something in the hall.

While I was gone, the 2nd counselor took the M 'n' Ms. I came back and said, "Oh, my, who took my M 'n' Ms?" and so on.

Several of the children said that the 2nd counselor took them.

We got into a discussion about putting the 2nd counselor on "trial,"

I said: "But I wasn't in the room. I didn't see who took the M 'n' Ms." The children said, "Oh, but we're all witnesses, we saw what happened."

And so on...anyway, to briefly summarize, we talked about what a witness is, and this led to talking about how the prophet's most important job is to be a special witness of Christ.

Sing: Hymn #135.

I asked them to look at the bottom of the page to see who wrote the words to that hymn...President Hinckley!

I played a CD of verse 1 and then we sang it.

I said that I think it's wonderful that we have a hymn with words written by our own prophet, sharing his testimony of Christ.


Then, I played the last 5 minutes of the video "Special Witnesses of Christ," with President Hinckley sharing his testimony.

I then shared my testimony.