Picture Stories From the Lifes of Our Prophets
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Prs. Joseph Smith:
Joseph Smith Friend Jan 1989

Prs. Brigham Young:
Leads bravely
Friend Jul 2001
Hardworking Brigham
Friend Feb. 1989

Prs. John Taylor:
Goes to America
Friend Mar. 2001
John Taylor Friend Mar. 1989
Preparing for the call Friend, Jan. 2003
Answer to prayer Friend Feb. 2003
Going to America  Friend March 2003
Conversion to the gospel
Friend April 2003
Bearing teatimony of the prophet Friend May
Missionary to his family Friend Jun 2003

Printing the voice of the church
Friend July 2003
Defender of faith Friend Aug. 2003
With the prophet Joseph in Carthage Jail Friend September 2003

Mission to Europe
Friend October 2003
Solving problems
Friend Nov. 2003
Money for a mission
Friend Dec. 2003

Prs. Wilford Woodruff:
Fisherman of the lord
Friend Jun 2001
Wilford Woodruff
Friend Apr 1989
Saved by providence Friend Jan 2006
Catching fish and saying prayers Friend Feb 2006
Becoming a Bible scholar Friend March 2006

They were speaking the truth Friend April 2006
A successful missionary Friend May 2006
The Martyrdom of a prophet Friend June 2006
This is the place
Friend July 2006
Listening to the Spirit Friend Aug.  2006
Inspired Prophet Friend Sept.  2006
The light continued with us Friend Okt.  2006
Keeping a Record Friend Nov. 2006
A hard worker Friend dec. 2006

Prs. Lorenzo Snow:
Lorenzo Snow
Friend May 1989

Prs. Joseph F. Smith:
A man at eight Friend Aug. 2001
Joseph F. Smith  Friend Jul 1989

Prs. Heber J. Grant:
Heber J. Grant Friend Jul 1989
Becoming Brigham Young’s Friend Friend Jan. 2004

Reading the Book of Mormon
Friend Feb. 2004
Achieving a Goal Friend March 2004
Best Penmanship Friend April 2004
Feeling the spirit
Friend May 2004
Speaking in church Friend June 2004
Learning to sing Friend July 2004

Testimony of an Apostle
Friend Aug. 2004
Called to serve Friend sept 2004
Hard worker
Friend Oct 2004
Comforted by the Holy Ghost Friend Nov 2004
Charitable businessman Friend Dec 2004

Prs. George Albert Smith:
Saves the Tabernacle
Friend Apr. 2001
George Albert Smith Friend Aug. 1989

Prs. David O. McKay:
Recevies an answer
Friend Feb. 2001
David Oman McKay Friend Sep. 1989

The faith of his parents Friend Jan 2005
A well-educated man Friend Friend Feb 2005
David and Emma Ray Friend March 2005
A young apostle Friend April 2005
Beloved teacher Friend May 2005
David's pet boar Friend June 2005
Standing up to a bully Friend July 2005
Lessons from Dandy Friend Aug 2005
The Girl in the Blue Dress Friend Sept. 2005
A Prayer for Lou Jean Friend Oct 2005
Visiting with the Queen Friend Nov 2005
A gift of music Friend Dec 2005

Prs. Joseph Fielding Smith:
Joseph Fielding Smith  Friend Oct. 1989
Midnight adventures of young Joseph Fielding Smith Friend Jan 2001

Prs. Harold B. Lee:
His eternal family Friend Aug. 2002
His mother prayes Friend May 2002
His mother saves his life
Friend Apr. 2002
Musical missionary Friend Jul 2002
Fist day at school Friend Feb. 2002
Answer to prayer
Friend Mar. 2002
Heeding the Holy Ghost
Friend Jan 2002
Shares christmas
Friend Dec. 2001
Witnees as an apostle Friend Sep. 2002
Healing a soldier  Friend Oct. 2002
Heavenly blessings Friend Nov. 2002
Helping a family in need Friend Dec. 2002
Harold B. Lee Friend Nov. 1989

Prs. Spencer W. Kimball:
Attends Primary Friend Sep. 2001
Spencer W. Kimball Friend Dec. 1989
Working on a farm Friend Jan 2007
Rescued! Friend Feb. 2007
Reading the Bible; March 2007
Playing the Piano; April 2007
Spencer’s Mother; Friend  May 2007
The Power of Example; Friend June 2007
Resist Evil Influences; Friend July 2007
Being a Leader; Friend Aug 2007
A Simple Act of Service; Friend Sept 2007

The Power of Example Friend Jun 2007

Prs. Ezra T. Benson:
Keep a promise
Friend May 2001

Prs. Howard W. Hunter
Learns to work
Friend Nov. 2001

Prs. Gordon B. Hinckley:

Faces "Pharaoh"
Friend Oct. 2001


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The Pearl of Great Price Friend Feb 1987

Other picure stories:

A Time to Sing Friend May 1979
A Little Bit of Christmas Friend Dec 1987
A Christmas Kind of Magic Friend Dec 1988

Amber’s Gift Friend May 1990

A Sharing Christmas Friend Dec 1985

A Dollar’s Worth Friend Oct 1996

A Dollar Bill for Billy Friend May 1983
A Visit to the Zoo Friend May 1972
Bartholomew’s Bed Friend Sep 1993
  Canning Jars and Prophets Friend Oct. 2006
  Choose the Right Friend March 2005
Cindy Learns to Cook Friend March 1977
Catch the Wind Friend March 1984
Christmas Cookies Friend Dec 1971

D. J.’s Testimony Friend Sep 1999

D. J.’s Prayer Friend Aug 1996

Dad’s Toolbox Friend Jun 2002
Doctrine and Covenants Scripture Pictures Friend March 2001

David and Goliath Friend Jun 1990

The Boy David, Scriptural Giants Friend Aug 1987

Daniel and the Den of Lions Friend Sep 1990

Enos Prays Friend Jul 2003
Easter Rebus Friend Apr 1987

Fiction- Marc's Big Brother Friend Jan 1999

Friendship Messages Friend Feb 2003

Homemade Sunshine Friend Apr 2001
Harry's Book of Mormon Friend Jan 1991

How Do You Become a Missionary- Friend Nov 1997

Hunter’s New Hat Friend Jun 2003
I Can Sustain the Prophet Friend Oct 2004
It Really Happened! Story about Joseph Smith birth Friend Dec 1977
It Really Happened! temple work Friend, Oct. 1977
It Really Happened! story about Mary Fielding Smith Friend, Nov. 1977
Jan’s Blanket Friend Maj 1993
Janet's Kite Friend March 1985
John’s New Sled Friend Jan 2001

Joseph, Son of Israel (Part 1) Friend May 1990
Joseph, Son of Israel (Part 2) Friend Jun 1990

Juan and the Baby Farm Animals Friend April 1988

Joseph, Jacob’s Son Friend Jun 1998

Jamie's Snowman picturestory Friend Jan 1994

Little Bo Friend Mar 1995

Listening Walk Friend Sep 1997

Lehi's dream, The Wonderful Fruit Friend Jan 1996

Lisa's Christmas Countdown Friend Dec 1989 

Mary’s Rainbow Friend Aug 1991
Moses Leads the Children of Israel Friend Jun 2002
Michael's Missionary Box Friend, Oct. 1977
  Miracles Friend April 2006
Missionaries: A riddle Friend Apr 1986
Missing Red Ribbon Friend May 1998
Marc's Big Brother Friend  Jan 1999
Margo Makes a Chain Friend, Dec. 1976
  Matt and Mandy Friend  Feb 2006

Molly’s Smile Friend Jul 1996

My Garden Friend May 2003
Nancy Goes to Primary Friend Aug 1978

Noah’s Ark, picture window  Friend Oct 2002

Noah’s Ark Friend May  1997

Noah and the Flood Friend Oct 2002

Noisy House, Quiet House Friend Apr 1987

Number One “Gopher” Friend Apr 1997

One Green Mitten Friend Feb 1977
  Pioneer Trip Friend July 2005
The Savior’s Birth Friend Dec 2001
Party for the Birds Friend Feb 1997

Priesthood Blessings Friend Jun 1995

Party for the Birds Friend Feb 1997

Rachel's Busy Day Friend May 1985
Repentance Friend Mar 1987
  Sacrament Time; May 2007

Sarah’s Letter Friend Aug 1994

Stacy’s Prayer Friend Aug 2002
Strange Catch Friend Jul 1980

Steven’s Practice Time Friend Mar 1990

Smile Day Friend July 1992

Sleep Tight, Jessie Friend Jan 1995

Sacrament, booklet Friend Feb 1995

Sweet Songs Friend Sep 2001
  The Birthday Card Friend May 2006
The Open House Friend Feb 2002
The Savior’s Birth Friend Dec 2001
The First Easter Friend March 1978
The First Easter Friend Apr 2000
The First Easter Friend Apr 1988
The Pumpkin Puzzle Friend Oct 1983
  Tommy Likes 2 Share Friend Jan 2006
Let's Go Fishing Friend June 1985
Salute from a Redcoat Friend Jan 1985

Talking to Heavenly Father Friend Apr 1991

Ted and Fred Friend Jan 1984

Trip to the Zoo Friend Sep 1990

The first Easter Primary Manuel 2, lesson 45
The Red Gum Boots Friend April 1984

The Wonderful Fruit Friend Jan 1996

The Sermon on the Mount Friend Aug 1995

The Surprise Friend Nov 1980

The Smile in the Suitcase Friend Apr 1989

Two Cards from Grandma and Grandpa Friend Feb 1987
When Martin Grows Up Friend Jul 1989
Where Is Susie Friend Apr 1991
Who Is in Daddy’s Bed Friend Apr 2002

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