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NB! When you have clicked on a link you sometimes have to scroll down a little to get to the article you want. Have fun. Conny Hillgaard


Christmas, advent calendar, look under "Christmas"
Air Adventures Friend Mar 1998
A Happy Harvest dot-to-dot Friend Sep 1986

Penguin Fridge Freshener Friend Dec 1989

Air Vs. Water Friend Jan 1991

Paper Airplanes Friend Jun 1984

Articles of Faith Match up Friend Oct 1996

Articles of Faith, booklet Friend Jan 1995

Animals, fable Friend Sep 1987

Animal Finger Puppets Friend Mar 1989

Article of Faith matching Game Friend Feb 2003
 Armor of God, make an armor Friend Mar 1987


Bath Salts Friend May 1978
Bath Powder Friend May 1978
Bamboozle, Make a Friend, July 1974
Baby in a Manger Friend Dec 1984
Basket Friend May 2003
Basket Friend Nov. 2006
Bedside Pocket Friend April 1984
Be a good neighbor Friend Sep 1992

Book of Mormon Friend Sep 2002 (gather the Book of Mormons) 

Book of Mormon Activity Friend Feb 1986
Make a Bookshelf Friend, Jan. 1972

Baptism certificate Friend May 1997 

Baptismal font, temple FriendAug 2002

Build a house Friend Oct 2001 

Benjamin, King in the tower, color by number Friend Aug 2001 

Birds of a Feather Friend April 1992 

Bingo: prophets online

Butterfly pen Friend May 2003

Butterfly mobile online 

Butterflies, 12 to color online 

Blessings Memory game, Friend Nov 1990

Button flowers online 

Bookmark Friend Jan 1985
Bookmark: Believing in Jesus Christ Friend Apr. 2003

Book-ends online 

Book-ends Friend Jun 1992 

Boomerang Friend Aug 1992

Boy, receiving the Holy Ghost Friend Aug 1991 

Brass plates: Mystery Picture Friend Dec 1985

Bible story pictures to color online 

Bumblebee cross-stitch/crochet online 

Brass Plates Code Friend Sep 1996 

Bishop Friend Sep 2002 

Brontosaurus, Make Your Own Friend March 1982
Booklet: Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon Friend Sept. 2004
Booklet, how to make a 8 pg from 1 piece of paper online

Booklet, Plan of Salvation  Friend Jan 2005

Booklet: I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ Friend Jan 2003
Booklet: The Savior's Love Friend Apr 1982

Booklet: When Jesus comes again Friend Dec 2002 

Booklet: Remember Jesus Friend Jul 1997

Booklet: I Pray for Others Friend Aug 1996 

Booklet: Nephi and the Murdered Judge Friend Jun 1996 

Booklet: Sacrament Friend Feb 1995 

Booklet: Nephi Gets the Brass Plates Friend Feb 1996 

Booklet: My Baptism Book Friend May 1996
Bonnet, pioner online
How Can I Gain a Testimony? color book Friend Nov 2005
Button Card Friend May 1984

Badge: Helping hands Friend Jul 1996 



Camp By these signs Friend Jun 1983
A Child of God Friend Feb. 2005 (make a child's face)
Chutes and ladders by Conny Hillgaard
Christmas craft & Fun online 

Christmas picture box ornament Friend Dec 1999 

Christmas Calendar, Christmas on Temple Square Friend Dec 2004

Christmas Calendar Friend Dec 1990 

Christmas Countdown Friend Dec 2000 

Christmas Calendar: I Am the Light Friend Dec 2002
Christmas, Advent Calendar Friend Dec 2003
Christmas Advent Calendar Friend Dec 1981
Christmas Advent Wreath  Friend Dec 2005
Christmas, gift box ornament Friend Dec 1995 

Coat of arms Friend Oct 1995 

Cootie Catcher how to make one 
Choose a Color Friend Jun 1992 

Pop-Up Card Friend Dec 1990 

Misc. coloring pages online 

CTR stitch  Friend July 1999 

CTR mobile Friend Nov 1997 

The City of Enoch Friend April 2002 

City of Enoch Friend Dec 1994 

Cinnamon and Spice Freshener Friend Dec 1990 

reaction mobile Friend Jan 1996 

Creation panorama Friend March 2002 
Creation Book Friend March 2002

Clothespin Butterfly Friend Jul 1991 

Color page: Wonders Friend Nov 2005
Code: Title of Liberty Friend Jul 1987
Conference Coloring Activity Friend March 2005
Code: King of Peace Code Friend April 1994
Code Friend April 2003

Cornstarch clay dough & salt dough FHE resource book p. 299, scroll down until it pops up! Book, p. 299 

Corn-Husk Dolls Friend Jul 1989 

Cube Maze Friend Oct 1992 

Christmas, Doorknob Decoration Friend Dec 1979

Christmas in the Americas Friend Dec 1994 

Crown Friend Sep 1996

Crown  Friend Feb 2005



David and Goliath Friend July 2002

Daniel in lions den  Friend Jan 1983
Daniel, Lions, and Me Friend Oct 2005
Dough Game Friend Mar 2001
Dice: I Can Share the Gospel Now Friend Nov 2005
Doorknob Decorations Friend, Dec. 1974

Door hanger: Faith Friend Oct 2002

Door hanger: Build Upon My Rock Friend Aug. 2004

Door hanger, Morning duties Friend Aug 1994 

Door hanger, Goals for the month Friend Aug 2003
Dove Friend Dec 2004
Designer Bag Friend Dec 1990
Diorama: I Can Repent and Be Baptized Friend July 2005
Diorama: Jesus Christ Talking with Children Friend Apr 2003
Doll Duster Friend May 1980

Doll of handkerchief online

Dog-Bone Reindeer Ornament Friend Dec 2000
Drummer boy, towel tubes Friend July 1979
Diorama: Jesus Christ talking with children Friend April 2003


Easter Activities Friend April 1984

Easter pictures: He is Risen Friend April 1978 

Easter Rabbit Friend, Apr. 1971
Easter eggs Friend March 1997 
Envelope Gift Basket Friend May 2005

Esau and Jacob, paper dolls Friend Feb 1990 

Easter Story  Friend Apr 1995 

Easter calendar Friend March 1991 



Finger puppets, look under "puppets"
Fable animals Friend Sep 1987
Family Tree (under Sharing time) Friend July 2007
Flowers for Keeps, pressed flowers Friend May 1996 
Spring Flowers Friend May 2005

Feeling glasses Friend Jul 1996 

Faith, picture roll Friend Jan 1999 

Faith, movie Friend Aug 1999 

Faith, door hanger Friend Oct 2002

50 Fun Things to Do! Friend June 1992 
Fun craft to make online 

Family History Scroll FRIEND April 2005

Fathers day: "I Love You This Much” Card Friend Feb. 2005
Father's Day gift:  Woven “Leather” Desk Accessories Friend Jun 1977

Father’s Day Card/bookmark Friend Jun 2001 

Father's Day: Ladder Card for Dad Friend Jun 2003

Father’s Day Stop Sign Friend Jun 2001 

Father’s Day Card Friend Jun 2001 
For My Dad: tie w. poem Friend June 2005

Fish Mobile Friend Jun 1990 

Fathers Are Special Friend Jun 2001 

Family History Heart Friend Jul 1995 

Follow the Prophets, game Friend Aug 1993 

Family, a happy a layered picture Friend Nov 2002 

Flowers for Mother’s Day Friend May 1989 

Flying Fish Friend, Aug, 1975
Fishing Lures, Make Your Own Friend Aug 1978
Fish, Toothpick Friend Jul 1987

Family Game Board Friend May 1989 

Friendship game Friend May 1989
Foxy Puzzle Friend May 1993
flute player, towel tubes Friend July 1979
Flag carrier, towel tubes Friend July 1979
Frogs Friend Nov 2002


Game board: The Apostle Paul's Mission Friend July 2006
Game: Sunday Box Pencil Spin Friend July 2006
Gift Box Friend Dec 1986
Gift Bag, reindeer Friend Dec 1984
Gift Tags and Ornaments Friend Dec 2004
Gift Basket Friend May 2005
Garden Watering Bottle Friend May 2001 

"My Gospel Standard" tapestry Friend Aug 2000 

The Godhead, color-by-number Friend Feb 1995 

Gratitude finger scenes Friend Nov 2002 

Genealogy: tree Primary Manuel 3, lesson 39
Genealogy: Family History Heart Friend Jul 1995 


Hats, many different online
Heavenly Father, When I Lived with My Friend Feb 1989
Hat, marching band Friend July 1987
Heart pendant Friend Aug 2002
Hens and Chicks Friend Nov 1995

Heart Gift Box Friend Feb 1997 

Hand puppets: You Are Eternal Friend March 1986
Handprint Flower (mothers day) Friend May 2001 
Hot-Dish Carrier Friend May 1984

House, make a (also a money box)  Friend Jun 1996

House Friend Nov 1989

House, Build a Friend Oct 2001 

Honest train Friend Jan 1987

Handcart Races Friend Jul 1991 

Handkerchief doll, how to make Friend July 1992 

Handkerchief doll online

Holy Ghost, Boy receiving the  Friend Aug 1991 

Hens and Chicks Friend Nov 1995 

Happy Hearts Club service Friend Feb. 2003



Instruments, Make Your Own Rhythm Band Friend Oct 1983
Instrument, Rubber-band Music Box Friend Jul 1983
Indian Bag Friend March 1984
Ink, make Your Own Twig Pen and Walnut Ink Friend Apr 1986

Isaiah Prophesies of the Savior (string picture) Friend Dec 2001

"I Am a Child of God" Friend Jan 1989, color by number

When I Lived with My Heavenly Father Friend Feb 1989, booklet



Spring Jelly Bean Mosaic Friend April 2006
Jesus: Book about Baby Jesus Friend Dec 2000
Jesus, Walking Where Jesus Walked, game Friend Feb 2003

Jesus, the Good Shepherd color page Friend Apr 1999 

Jesus, My Story of Jesus booklet Friend Mar 1999  

Jesus, baptized by John the Baptist color page Friend Dec 1998 

Jesus, the Good Shepherd color page Friend Dec 1998 

Jesus, Walking Where Jesus Walked game board Friend Feb 2003
Jesus, The Atonement color page Friend Dec 1998 

Jesus, frame w/him Friend Jan 2007 

Joseph Smith Receives the Gold Plates Friend Dec 1998 

Jacob and Esau, paper dolls Friend Feb 1990 

Journal Page Friend Jan 2002

Journal Page Friend Feb 2002

Journal Page Friend Mar 2002

Journal Page Friend Apr 2002

Journal Page Friend May 2002

Journal Page Friend Jun 2002

Journal Page Friend Jul 2002

Journal Page Friend Aug 2002

Journal Page Friend Sep 2002

Journal Page Friend Oct 2002

Journal Page Friend Nov 2002

Journal Page Friend Dec 2002

Jacob and Esau Friend Oct 1994 

Joshua Served the Lord colorpage Friend Nov 2002 



Key Holder Friend, July 1972
Kite, Make Your Own Friend March 1971
Kirtland Temple dot-to-dot Friend Feb 2002 

Keep the Commandments Friend Jun 1999 

Kaleidoscope,How to Make a  Friend Jan 1990 



Lee, Harold B. (make a TV with him) Friend Oct 2001

Look, feel and help glasses Friend Jul 1996

Love, Heavenly Father Loves You Friend March 2003

Love mobile  Friend Jan 1992

Lehi's journey to the promised land Friend Jan 1996 

Lehi's dream Friend Jan 1983

Love at Home, money box  Friend Jun 1996

Liahona, dot-to-dot Friend Jun 1987
Liahona, Roller Box Friend May 2000



Matt 4: 18-19: Go Fishing Friend Jul 2003
Mailbox, make a Friend Feb 1977
Mats, Rope Friend May 1980
Playing Marbles Friend Sep 1986
The Magic of Marbles Friend Sep 1986
Memory: The Prophet (pictures of them as children/adults)  Friend Oct. 2002
Testimony Match up Friend May 2003
Memory, Choices Friend Feb 1989
Memory, Blessings Friend Nov 1990
Memory, Animal Primary Manuel 2, lesson 44
Memory, Animal Match-up Friend  Feb 2006
Memory, Conference Matching Game Friend April 2006
Memory: Prophets Teach Me to Strengthen My Family Friend Oct 2004
"My Gospel Standard" tapestry Friend Aug 2000 

Manger, wooden Friend Dec 2000 

Mothers Day craft Tissue paper flower/Flower popup card online 
Mosaic picture: Remembering Jesus Christ Friend March 2005
Mothers Day: Envelope Gift Basket Friend May 2005
Mothers Day: Spring Flowers Friend May 2005
Mothers Day, A Card Friend May 2003
Mothers Day: Flowers for Mother’s Day Friend May 1989
Mothers Day: Flower Necklace Friend May 1987
Mothers Day: To Gladden the Heart Friend May 1989

Mothers Day: Card for Mom Friend May 2002 

Mom Friend May 2003
Mothers Day: Thread Box Friend May 1981
Mothers Day: scissors Case Friend May 1981

Mothers Day fun picture/puzzles/flowers and more online 

Mothers Day: recipe holder online

Modeling dough online 

Moses Leads the Children of Israel Friend Jun 2002 

My Creation Book Friend March 2002 

Mobile: Follow the Prophet Today Friend May 2003

Mobile: Prophet mobile Friend Jan 2001

Mobile:  A Sacred Promise Friend March 2000 

Mobile: Missionary Friend Nov. 2003
Mobile: Jesus Christ (under Sharing TIme) Friend Sept 2007

Money box, elephant Friend April 1981

Money box, house Friend Jun 1996

Magnet: Strengthen the Family Friend May 2000 

Manger, paper Friend Dec 1981
Manger, Wooden  Friend Dec 2000 
Manger Scene Friend Dec 1987
Baby in a Manger Friend Dec 1984

Marbles online 

Macaroni Bead Necklace Friend May 1990 

Missionary: Send a Gift on a Mission Friend Sept 2004
Missionary work, color page Friend Sep 2002 
Missionary shirt.pdf online, fold a
Dice: I Can Share the Gospel Now Friend Nov 2005

My Heroes and Heroines, poster Friend Aug 1997 



Nameplate, make your own online
Napkin Candle Friend, Dec. 1971
Nauvoo town, build it online
Napkin Candle Friend, Dec. 1971
New Testament Scripture-Story Grab Bag scripture story grab bag Friend Feb 1999 

Nameplate, make your own online 

Noah, his family and animals picture to cut out and play with from FRIEND  Nov 2001 

nauvoo, built Nauvoo Town online 

Nativity Ornaments Friend Dec 2001 

Nativity Set Friend Dec 1994 

Nativity Garland Friend Dec 2002 

Noah’s Ark, picture window  Friend Oct 2002 

Nativity, manger Friend Dec 1981

Nativity Set Friend Dec 1994 

Napkin Holder, christmas Friend Dec 1984
Napkin, Apple Napkin Rings Friend Oct 2004



Out Walking Friend Sep 2000 
Ornament, Baby Jesus Friend Dec 2000 
Ornament, skier Friend Dec 1984

Old Testament Scripture-Story Grab Bag Friend Feb 1998 



Paul and Silas, praying in jail Friend Oct. 2003
Paper Plate Dove Friend Dec 2004

Paper dolls online 

Paper doll Warrior, dress a Primary Manuel 4, lesson 25
Parachute, Make a Friend Jan 1984

Painting with Sand Friend Aug 2001 

Pelican, Wing-Flapping Friend Aug 1987
Pen, butterfly pen Friend May 2003
Bonnet, pioner online
Pioneer Children Woven Picture Friend Jul 2003

Pioneer games online

Pioneer Treasure Hunt Friend Jul 1994 

Pioneer Handcart Friend Jan 1986

Pioneer Covered Wagon Friend July 2001 

Pioneer Wagons  Friend Sep 1997 

Pioneer Handcart  Friend July 2005 

Pioneer Wagon wheel Friend Jul 1984
Pioneer Children Woven Picture Friend Jul 2003

Pioneer Games Friend Feb 1989 

Picture frame: personalize and frame Friend Mar. 2003
Pencil Holder, doll Friend Dec 1979

Peter and Cornelius Friend Jun 2001 

Power Break Friend July 1990 

Pop-Up Card Friend Dec 1990 
Pop-up Portrait Card Friend Dec 2000 

Plague of Frogs Friend Nov 1997 

Puppet, talking finger-puppet Friend Jan 1978
Puppets, Finger Friend, Feb. 1974

Puppets, finger, sock and more online

Puppets: Finger/hand puppets: You Are Eternal Friend March 1986
Puppets, Hand Friend Dec 1971
Puppets, Finger Friend Nov 1984
Puppets: Apple-Head Friend Oct 1984
Puppet, Dancing Dickybird Friend March 1985
Puppets, Finger: King and friends Friend Feb 1987
Puppets, Finger: animals Friend Mar 1989 
Puppets, finger Friend Nov 1991 

Puppet Christmas Pageant Friend Dec 1995 

Finger scenes Friend Nov 2002 

Play Dough, Peanut Butter Friend Nov 1991 
Play dough: Salt Dough Ornaments Friend Dec 1995 
Plastic Play Dough Friend Jan 2006

Play Dough, Grandma’s Friend Nov. 2006

Prayer owl Friend Oct 2000 

Prayer mobile Friend Sep 1989

Prayer, color page Friend Sep 1998 

Prayer chart Friend Apr 1996 

Prayer, booklet Friend Aug 1996 

Paper Marionette Friend Nov 1989 

Penguin Fridge Freshener Friend Dec 1989 

Prophet, mobile Friend Jan 2001

Prophet, Follow the Prophet Today Friend May 2003
Prophet and Apostles matching up game Friend Oct 2002 

Prophecy Lift-and-See Book Friend Nov 2001 

Prophet puzzle:


John Taylor Friend Feb 1993 

Joseph F. Smith Friend May 1993 

Joseph Smith Friend Jan 1993 

Wilford Woodruff Friend Mar 1993 

David O. McKay Friend Aug 1993 

George Albert Smith Friend Juli 1993 

Harold Bingham Lee Friend Oct 1993 

Heber J. Grant Friend Juni 1993 

Joseph Fielding Smith Friend Sep 1993 

Lorenzo Snow Friend April 1993 

Spencer W. Kimball Friend Nov 1993 

Ezra Taft Benson Friend Dec 1993




Reindeer Pin Friend Dec 1990 
Resurrection, 4 color pictures. Correlates with John 20 Friend Apr. 2007 (Sharing time)
Repentance pyramid Friend April 2006  
Repentance, mobile Friend Apr 1997 
Rice bag, make a online 
Rice bag, wedding. make a online 
Rebekah at the Well Friend May 2002 
Rebekah: dot-to-dot Friend Jun 1998 
Remember Jesus, booklet Friend Jul 1997 
Reading chart for a month Friend Mar 1991 
Reading chart: Book of Mormon
Reading chart: Pearl of Great Price
Reading chart: Old Testament
Reading chart: Nw Testament
Book of Mormon Coloring Chart Friend Jan 2000 
Book of Mormon Coloring Chart Friend May 1992 
Reading chart Friend Aug 1994 
Reverence Crown Friend Sep 1996 
Roller Box Friend May 2000 
Roller Box, TV Friend April 1985
Rocking Horse Friend, Aug, 1975
Rope Horse Friend Jul 1982
Rubber-band Music Box Friend Jul 1983


Salt Lake Temple Friend March 2002 
Salt Lake Temple Friend Feb 2002
Sacrament, girl partakes Friend March 2002 
Sacrament, boy Friend May 1996 
Sacrament, booklet Friend Feb 1995 
Sacrament wheel Friend Oct 1990 
Sacrament, booklet Friend Feb 1995 
Sabbath Treasure Box Friend Aug 1995 
Salt dough, Cornstarch clay dough FHE resource book p. 299, scroll down until it pops up! Book, p. 299 
Salt Dough Ornaments Friend Dec 1995 
Scissors Case Friend May 1981
Scripture box Friend Jan 2004
Scripture study, film Friend Mar 1996 
Scriptures, page to color Friend Feb 1998 
Scripture Carrier Friend Jun 2000
Scripture Carrier Friend Dec 1985
Scripture mobile  Friend Jan 1998
Scripture-Story Peekaboo Book Friend Jan 1998 
Scripture reading chart Friend Aug 1994 
Scrapbook: Make a page about the day your child was born online 
Scrapbook, a book about me Friend Jul 2000 
Seagull Ornaments Friend Dec 1979
Service: Happy Hearts Club Friend Feb. 2003
Shoe box panorama: The Apostles (Peter and John) Do What Is Right Friend Sept 2003
Snowflake, make a Friend Jan 1980
Snowflakes for Sam Friend Jan 2007
Snowflake Art  Friend Jan 12007
Snow Globe, how to make Friend Jan 1995 
Snow-jar, how to make Friend Dec 1990 
Star of David Friend Dec 1998 
Sea of Galilee, storm on hidden pictures Friend March 1998 
Sketchbook, Make Your Own Friend Aug/Sep 1985
Supply box for birds online 
Smiley O’Reilly Friend Aug 2002 
Smith, Joseph Smith: The Life of  Friend Jun 2003
Smith, Joseph: finger scene Friend Jul 2001 
Smith, Joseph: shoe box panorama Friend Jul 2001 
Smith, Joseph: First prayer Friend Apr 1987
Smith, Joseph in prayer Friend Apr 1991
Smith, Joseph in chains  Friend Oct 1996 
Smith, Joseph: hidden picture Friend Jun 1992 
Smith, Joseph: dot-to-dot Friend Oct 2002
Smith, Joseph dot-to-dot Friend Jun 1992 
Flannel Board Sunday Box Friend Jun 2006
Stripling Warriors Game Friend Aug 2000 
String Picture, Make a Friend March 1982
Story Figures Friend Sep 2000 
Secret Messages, How to Send  Friend Sep 1990 
Stick Game Friend Aug 1991 
Summer activities: What Can I Do Now? Friend Jun 1982
Swedish love knots, hoe to make online


Treasure Box online 
Treasure Box Friend March 1984 
Treasure Box Friend May 1990
Treasure Box Friend Jun 2000 
Temple box by Jenny Smith

Temples, new Friend Jan 2002

Temple Cards Friend Jan 2002 
Temple Cards Friend Feb 2002
Temple Cards Friend March 2002 
Temple Cards Friend Apr 2002 
Temple Cards Friend May 2002 
Temple Cards Friend Jun 2002
Temple Cards Friend Jul 2002 
Temple Cards Friend Aug 2002
Temple Cards Friend Sep 2002
Temple Cards Friend Oct 2002 
Temple Cards Friend Nov 2002 
Temple Cards Friend Dec 2002 
Temple, interview with the bishop Friend Sep 2002 
Temple, mobile Friend June 2002 
Temple, My Body ~ a Temple Friend May 2002 
Temple dot-to-dot Friend Jan 2002
Testimony wheel Friend Sep 1999 
Testimony Match up Friend May 2003
Temple, baptismal font Friend Aug 2002 
Temples Dot the Earth  board game Friend Nov 1997 
Thread Box Friend May 1981
Time capsule: My Goals, 2006 Friend Jan. 2006
Tithing, money box Primary Manuel 2, lesson 33

Tithing, Money box, house Friend Jun 1996 

Tithing, Money elephant Friend Apr 1981
Tithing, Money box: Papier Mch piggy bank
Time Capsule fathers day Friend Jun 1992 
Timid Turtle Friend, Aug, 1975
Tin Can lamp Friend Dec 1997 
Torch, how to make a by Julice Coles, Boise
Turkey Place Card Pattern Friend, Nov. 1977


Valentine, Illustrated Friend Feb 2003 
Valentine for a Prophet Friend Feb 2001
Valentine Bookmark Friend Feb 1993 
Valentine Apron Friend Feb 2000 
Valentine Card Friend Feb 2000 
Valentine, illustrated Friend Feb 2003
Valentine Activities Friend Feb 1982
Vision, the First: shoe-box panorama Friend Jan 2001


Wheel: I can learn Friend Aug 2003
Writing tool, make your own Friend Nov 1983
Wig, Paper-Bag Friend Oct 1983
Willow Whistle, Make Your Own Friend Apr 1983
Wind Balls, Japanese Friend Mar 1987
Windmill online 
Weathervane Friend Sep 2002 
Wonders, Color page Friend Nov 2005
Wooden Manger Friend Dec 2000 
Mini Windsock Friend Sep 2000 
Wise men, color page Friend Dec 2000 
Water-Driven Merry-Go-Round Friend Feb 1990 
When I Am Quiet color page Friend Nov 1992 


Zoo Bird Friend March 1990

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